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New rotation plans hatched!

While sitting in traffic yesterday afternoon I mulled over my current rotation, and I’ve decided to try cutting back a few slots and see if that works. This way I’ll get through my pieces more quickly, and hopefully have some quicker finishes, which means I can then add more new projects into the mix … rather than having so many projects on the go at once ‘cos I just wanna stitch everything NOW 😉 I’ve removed the “kits/classes” and extra “UFO” slot, plus one focus piece and smalls slot. I’ll finish my current rotation until the end of the list, then I’ll look at starting this new one up.

Anyway, this is what my half-asleep brain came up with while driving, I just have to think it through a bit more when I’m more awake to see if it will work (I’m still half asleep today too), but at the moment it’s incorporating all the WIP’s I’ve currently got ‘on-the-go’:

  1. Focus piece
  2. Smalls/ornaments/gifts etc
  3. UFO’s
  4. Canvaswork/Specialty stitches
  5. Focus piece
  6. Charity stitching
  7. Mirabilia/L&L
  8. Smalls/ornaments/gifts etc
  9. Focus piece
  10. Band samplers/Specialty stitches
  11. Quilting/Stumpwork
  12. Free choice
  13. Finishing session (just for 1 or 2 days, not 10 hours)

I’m still doing my SAL pieces separate to my 10-hour rotation slots, which will add more variety until they’re finished. At the moment that will mean focusing on the following projects in my rotation, with those in brackets are like to be the ‘next in line’, along with my SAL commitments:

  1. Egyptian Garden Mandala
  2. Stitching Leporello & gifts (then Lavender Rose Sewing Case)
  3. Nature’s Resting Place (then a ‘mystery’ UFO)
  4. Flight of the Bumblebees (then Sapphire Star)
  5. Egyptian Garden Mandala
  6. Charity stitching
  7. Winter Queen (Angel of Love)
  8. Strawberries So Faire & gifts (then My Treasures Workstation)
  9. Egyptian Garden Mandala
  10. Le Jardin Silk Sampler (then Golden Garden Sweet Bag)
  11. The Blue Collection quilt
  12. Free choice (undecided yet but probably a small Just Nan or Drawn Thread)

* SAL Wednesdays – Macaw with Carina
* SAL Thursdays – Bordeaux Sampler with Carol
* SAL monthly – Needleroll SAL
* SAL monthly – Christmas ornie SAL
* Round Robin – Quaker Friendship Sampler

And I’ll finish with another quote I really like:

“A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes.” Hugh Downs

Staying with friends in Fiji taught me that material possessions etc do not maketh the man and make you happy – it is how you view life that makes you happy. They took me into their home when I had nowhere to go, and showed me a world of kindness and love rarely experienced by many. They accepted me into their family circle, and will always leave a mark in my mind and on my heart. I shared Christmas Day with them and experienced Fijian culture at its best, within the true family setting. I know I’ve talked of this before, but that quote brought thoughts of them back again. I managed to repay their kindness by paying for their food while I was there, and when one of the brothers lost his job during the ‘George Speight coup’, I paid for his daughter’s school books and stationery before I left so she could continue her education that year with a good start (even though I was a student then myself, with no income … thank goodness for Visa!). Here’s a photo of us on Christmas Day with an amazing feast of local delicacies (all the photos are clickable for bigger versions) 😀
Christmas Day in Suva
Also, sitting outside my temporary home having a kava party with the boys … the guitars were playing well into the early hours of the morning (I think I eventually slunk off at 3am and it was still going strong) – I don’t know how they can drink so much kava, it’s dreadful stuff! The only time I’ll drink a few is when they’ve thrown a party in my honour, and I’ll do it as a sign of respect to them, but it’s downright awful!
Now here’s one of one of my favourite Fijian couples – Dokko and Ana … they call me “Ana” in Fijian, instead of Anne, so we say “Tai-Ana” to each other, ie “my namesake”. We always tried to make a special trip to see them as they’re out in the islands, and Ana’s face always lights up when she sees us, and cries when we leave – she has a big heart, and I always love to see her.
And lastly one of Mum being treated like a Queen at a party they held for Mum and Dad, as they greatly cherish and respect their elders – something else we could all learn from them, as that seems to be disappearing in our modern society! Mum and Dad hadn’t met them before, so I promised to drive over from Nadi to Suva to introduce them, and they threw a party in their honour. Mum loved it all, but Dad was bored stiff, as for the first time they didn’t bring their guitars … poor Dad – but Mum and I adored it all and lapped it up!! The lei she’s wearing around her neck is called a “salusalu” and is traditional in the part of Fiji they come from, and they made it especially for Mum, as well as some exquisite woven bags … I should take photos of them next time I go home, they’re gorgeous!
Sorry, didn’t mean for this post to be so looooooong! 😉

3 thoughts on “New rotation plans hatched!”

  1. Thanks for sharing your photos and memories Anne – it sounds like you had a wonderful experience 🙂

  2. Lovely photos of Fiji! I read through your rotation list and marvelled at how you can juggle so many WIPs. I get overwhelmed if I have more than one project on the go so I keep a pretty strict rule of finishing one project before starting another. Otherwise, the craft room would resemble a LNS gone mad!

  3. Anne I loved hearing and seeing the things about Fiji and your experience there. I agree we need to concentrate on caring for our elders. I have already perpared my children for the fact that one or both of them will need to make room for me when I get to that point in life. We just can’t ignore the generation that raised and nutured us. My Mom is gone but I would like to think that I would have taken her into my home as she got older (if only). As far as stitching rotations, just remember stitching is for your pleasure so enjoy. CJ

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