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Annoying Blogger! (updated)

I must say there is something about the new Blogger that annoys the hell out of me! I’m sick to death of getting the following prompt before and after trying to leave comments … does anyone out there know how to turn the stupid thing off? I don’t know whether it’s in my PC settings somewhere, but I do know “it has to go!”, as it’s driving me crazy!!! Angry emoticon [Updated to say I’ve managed to fix it – thanks for the help!!]

[Photo removed to save confusion and frustration 😉 ]

Not much to report today – I felt like death warmed up yesterday and just blobbed out – I can’t even tell you where the hours went yesterday … no stitching or TV watching, just vegetating and doing nothing … tidying up a few computer files and photos, and websurfing, and that’s about it! Mind you that seems to be pretty standard stuff after coming off 5am shifts, oh well … today’s another day!

Seeing as I didn’t get my full quota of Bordeaux stitching done last week, I’m going to sit for another hour or so today and finally put a few more stitches into it so I can show some progress. I’d love to be able to hit the true half-way mark by month’s end, but I might be pushing it hmmm. I’m going to sit and do that now, then it’s time to get motivated and get some housework done – I need to start allocating an hour every day to go through my things and see if I want to throw out any items to save lugging them around again in the next move, as well as starting to think about actually packing things away that I’m not currently using (ie kitchen things etc).

Updated to add my progress piccie after one more hour on Bordeaux – I’m happy now I’ve managed to complete two hours stitching on it, so it can wait until Thursday again for the next stitching session 🙂
Bordeaux Sampler at 21Jan07

Rightio, time to surgically remove myself from this computer chair and get moving! I’ll update with a piccie later when I have something to show 🙂 But here’s something else I just remembered I did yesterday … now I can close that screen down 😉 Perhaps this explains my affinity to ducks! LOL


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12 thoughts on “Annoying Blogger! (updated)”

  1. Sorry Blogger bugs you. I look forward to seeing your Bordeaux progress. I won’t be picking mine up for a few days, so you will jump miles ahead, I am sure!

  2. Anee you need to go to your Tools tab – then scroll down to options – then to security – and check the security settings in it – also check the content tab and see what you pop up setting is on. hope this helps.

  3. I don’t know what that message means either. Well, I don’t know why it keeps popping up, anyway. Great progress on your Bordeaux sampler. That’s such a stunning piece!

  4. I don’t like that prompt either, but it’s something they added for security measures.

    On yours there seems to be a secure/non secure thing pop up and won’t let me see part of this post and I can’t get rid of it.

  5. Ah, I see your progress on Bordeaux, nice! OK, everytime you come in my reader I keep clicking that image you posted that you see in blogger and it keeps closing your blog! I can’t wait until this scrolls dow a bit in the reader, as it is driving me nuts now! LOL

  6. I have this message sometimes, and I agree, it’s very annoying…
    I like to see your progress on Bordeaux, you are doing a great job on it 🙂

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