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It’s time to jump back onboard with the weekly Photo Scavenger Hunt now my phone line is back up and running. This week’s theme is “Wild” and I’ve chosen a photo of me doing one of the ‘wildest’ things I’ve ever done … Tandem Parapenting in Nelson, New Zealand!


This was my initiation jump before jumping out of an aircraft, but things went a little ‘wrong’ on the day. We basically ran and jumped off the hillside and my stomach was ‘flip-flopping’ dreadfully, and I absolutely hated it, then the pilot spun us around in a 360deg circle, and we started just peacefully sailing and I enjoyed it again. We had a pretty rough landing by hitting an air pocket and plummeting fast the last few feet, then getting dragged backwards a bit by the wind … and the ground crew came over to us saying “that was a bit hairy, wasn’t it?” … “what was?” I asked innocently … “when the ‘chute collapsed” came the reply … my jaw hitting the ground was my own response! As it turns out that ‘flip-flopping’ was in fact us free-falling … needless to say, I hated the sensation, and to this date you will never ever get me to do that final airplane jump … never ever, nada, zip, no how! And I was the only one of our group that got to jump that day, as the operators decided it was too dangerous to do any more! At least I can say I’ve “been there, done that”, but definitely never ever again!

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  1. This story reminds me a bit of something I’ve heard on tv once, when someone was asked if he would ever go parachuting, and he said ‘I see no reason to jump out of a fully functioning aeroplane’. I thought that was very wise. You keep your feet on the ground, please!

  2. Cool picture! I’m not sure if I would dare that!

    My photo is up too. Please stop by my blog and have a look!!

    Have a nice weekend,
    I will exercise for comments!!

  3. I’ve done a tandem jump out of an airplane and it was an amazing experience! I didn’t enjoy free-fall though – however, once the canopy opened and we were drifting down it was amazing. So I can understand why you didn’t enjoy the “flip-flopping” sensation.

    Have a good weekend!

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