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It’s Friday!!

And you have no idea how wonderful it is that it IS Friday!  Day 7 today, with 5am starts, and it’s been a killer of a week with the heat etc.  I had a very stressful day at work from the minute I walked through the door at 4.55am – Heathrow airport had bad weather with planes diverted to Stanstead, and I was the contact to liaise the rebookings etc … got some very lovely praise in writing from both the Supervisor in our office and the main operational guy in Sydney for the job I did (geez, I’m gonna start getting a big head soon LOL), but it hit me like a ton of bricks once the day finished – I feel totally drained!

Then after work I had to make a side trip to Wonga Park to drop off a boot-load (trunk-load for those of you in the northern hemisphere) of pet food off to the Blue Cross – we had a charity collection at Christmas for this animal shelter, and I finally found the time to drop it off.  It took me in the opposite direction to home, and a 2-hour round trip, but at least it’s done.  I didn’t realise how close I was to Frazier’s folks, so I made a quick phone call to see if they were home so I could catch up … alas they weren’t, but we made up for it tonight and chatted for 1 1/2 hours on the phone – unusual for me!  It was actually lovely to catch up with them, as I haven’t seen them for close to a year, if not longer.  When I move back to my old area, I’ll have to pop out and visit them more regularly again.  I was very touched when they told me off for not asking them for help when I told them I was moving out due to financial difficulties, and said there’s always a room at their place if I ever need it, for as long as I want – that’s incredibly kind of them!

When I finally got home this afternoon I was so exhausted I actually felt really queasy, so I went straight from the front door to the bedroom, and flopped out to sleep for 2 hours – I’m still quite shattered, but at least the queasiness has eased off.  I don’t know if I’ll get much stitching done tonight, though, and only managed one strand of silk in Bordeaux last night.  I’ll post a piccie later if I get chance to do any more, as there’s not much to show right now.

Talking of stitching – for CathyMK, you’re right the Treasures Workstation is the one by Judy Odell.  I signed up for this months ago before going on the Wagon along with the first SAL Yahoo group, and never could decide on the threads to use.  After trying to find a blue thread to substitute for the CCN ornie last month, I came across a Stef Francis thread (Bluebell) that KarenV sent to me, and think that would look beautiful for the flowers – I just have to decide which green thread to use and whether to use a contrasting thread as well.  But I’m a lot closer to at least starting than I was a few months ago! LOL.  I want to make a concerted effort to get this stitched soon, as I have the finishing kit all ready to go, so there’s no excuse after paying all that money out for it … and it’s such a gorgeous project 😀


I also found out the fabric I used for Egyptian Garden for those who asked … I used “Midas Touch” 32ct Belfast opalescent by Silkweaver – I originally ordered the Lugana version of it, and found it was too tiny to stitch on for the over-one, as the threads were quite clumped together, and the Lugana colour was too pale and apricot-y for my liking too … the Belfast is much darker and better for the project I think.  Sorry for the delay in finding the answer for you!  I still have no idea what the heck I’m going to do with the original fabric, and think I may try to dye it a different colour … I’m really not sure!

Rightio, time to go settle down for the night – I think I’ll crack open a bottle of Chardonnay to help with the chilling out process … that’ll be one less bottle to pack later teehee.  Talking of which, Sheree is calling a real estate agent today about a property that sounds really nice in Blackburn South which comes free next week … we’ll have to see what comes of it, but it’s closer to my old neck of the woods and looks quite modern – she specifically wants somewhere with two bathrooms, and we both want three bedrooms, which makes it harder to find somewhere, but this one seems to fit the bill … fingers crossed …  It’ll be so nice to be closer to my buddy, Sharon 😀

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  1. I’m stuck picking the colors too. Can you believe I’m almost tempted to do it on black with cranberry by gloriana and camoflage by ThreadGatherer (these are the strawberries so faire colours) I might just do it. I’ll never get started otherwise!!!

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