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Best laid plans gone awry

Today I finished work at 1pm (yep, the one great thing about starting work at 5am is the finish time!), and I drove straight over to David Jones at Chadstone shopping centre, to suss out and likely purchase one of these little suckers …

 Blue Nano  Silver Nano  Pink Nano

So, what happened?  Well, I know you’ll be really surprised to hear that I was going to buy the beautiful turquoise one, but I’m also quite taken by the simplicity of the plain silver one … oh decisions, decisions!  What made it easier to decide today was that there was only colour to choose from, and one colour only … yep, you guessed it, bright fuschia pink!  What do you think I did?  Those of you who guessed I bought one anyway don’t know me very well … I tucked my tail between my legs and moseyed on home again, after asking the sales guy to call me when they got more in 😉  I’ve decided I was already happy to spend an extra $50 myself towards my voucher, so with the money from Mum, Dad, and the ‘Smithies’ added in I’m thinking of still chipping in and getting the 4GB option instead of the 2GB one.  At least them not having one in stock means it gives me more time to get the money together 😀

In stitching news, nothing to report today except after seeing Carol’s progress on Bordeaux, I realised I’d totally screwed up band 3 by using the wrong thread for the leaves … which makes sense when I think about it – which means I have to do some frogging … bugger! 😦  It’s also a stinker of a hot night in this little flat, so I can’t see me doing much stitching again tonight – I’ll try for at least an hour, then I’ll do a bit more tomorrow night as well to make up for it before I take another progress piccie.

I’ve been craving red meat all week this week, and I have to say since my freezer got emptied I haven’t bought any red meat into the flat … while I was at ‘Chaddy’ though, I picked up one whole marinated lamb steak to try, and two lamb shanks to cook up on Sunday afternoon – I’m drooling just thinking about it.  I used to be disgusted at home when we had our cat Rio – because I was the only one in the family who really loved lamb, I rarely got lamb as a food choice, while the precious cat got lamb every week, the little sod … not to mention the fresh whitebait and prawns, he got better fed than we did!! LOL.  Here he is hogging the chocolates one Christmas haha.

Rio with the choccies

Anyway, talking about steaks, I’d better get mine cooking so I can still sit down and have an hour’s stitching before bed!!

Before I forget though, the decision was taken out of my hands by SB&B about continuing my monthly Mystery Bits wishlist … you can’t have a wishlist anymore, and can only choose up to 3 threads you’d like to collect, so I’ve cancelled it.  I’ve been a bit annoyed the last two months, as three months ago I asked if it was possible to focus on sending all the overdyed threads on my list instead of other items, which was OK for one month, then the last two months I’ve received a mix of allsorts again, and not the threads I really wanted.  In some ways I’m glad the decision has been made – now I’ll just buy them as I need them, and forget about SB&B 😀

13 thoughts on “Best laid plans gone awry”

  1. Ahhhh will, you see, *I* would have gone with the pink! LOL … love that bright pink 😉

    Hope you get a nice evenings stitching in!

  2. Aha, this explains my last monthly bits shipment, which was full of threads I already had. 😦

  3. Love the pic of the cat with his paws in the chocolates!! You stuck to your guns and will wait till they have the pod you want – good on you!

  4. Hi Anne, I think 4GB is best, if you can…… if they’d had pink back when I bought mine, I would have got it, but it was black or white only then. But it lives in a pink case in my handbag. Re SB&B, they seem incredibly erratic, I’ve had a few very strange episodes.

  5. LOL I have a pink one and I love it, but then my son has the blue one and I sure didn’t want to get mixed up with his. Imagine my shock to turn on HIS music instead of my own!

  6. Aw, you – at least frogging out the leaves is such a small part of that whole band – it sure could have been worse! And, I didn’t even notice on yours that you had Malt leaves in your band! Granted, when I saw yours, I was not up to that band yet! But… it will be a few days before I pick it up again. However, if you want to do Tuesdays and I do Wednesdays, that would work for me! We should check in with Leslie too 🙂

    Lamb! Yummy!!! I hope you really enjoyed it! Angus is at the vet with Mike right now (8AM appt – I have no idea how they talked Mike into that) – with luck he is getting his stitches out, and with more luck he won’t require sedation to do so… had to lift the food from them all last night just in case – boy, did I have a house of hungry kitties this morning… and poor Angus got stuffed into the cat carrier and then watched as Mike fed the others! Poor baby 😦

  7. I’d have fallen off my chair if you’d said you’d bought the pink one! LOL! What a shame you have to wait but maybe for the best if that means you can get the 4GB.

    I had the same thing with SB&B ages ago – I changed my wishlist and they did it for one month then went back to the old one! Oh well 🙂

    Hope the steak was good!

  8. Lamb is my favourite too Anne. My Dad hates it, so Mum only has it when I’m around and he has to eat it then!!!

    I’m thinking the silver one, but I’d have had the blue one too. Definitely not pink.

    SB&B seem to be going downhill even more, so many people are complaining about them.

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