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SAL revisited (updated)

My apologies to Carina, but my SAL plans for last night were thwarted somewhat … thanks to the bushfires still raging in rural Victoria, it attacked transmission lines to the national power grid in NSW, causing massive power failures throughout the state of Victoria.  We lost our power at work just before 4pm yesterday, killing our lights and air conditioning … with a temperature sitting at 39C, that wasn’t much fun (but luckily I only had to survive 1/2 of that).  Then driving home all the traffic lights were out as well, causing a delay in travelling anywhere.  When I finally got home I had power on for one hour before losing that … I figured even though I had to have an early night due moving back to a 5am start today, I’d still get an hour’s stitching on my Macaw … then the power died while I was checking emails, and put paid to all those plans – it was way too hot to stitch without an electric fan on, and too dark in my stitching area without my ott-lite … so no stitching done at all for the night.

Tonight, however, I’ve also decided to change my mind yet again – and I’m going to unpick what I’ve done and do everything over-one … yeah, I know, I must be stark raving bonkers, considering I hate over-one stitching normally!  I’d opted to stitch over-two because there is one blended thread in the chart, but I’ve decided to just choose one of the colours used and stitch that part in just one colour … fingers crossed it’ll still look alright hmmm.  So, tonight I’m going to spend at least one hour getting a couple of stitches put into my Macaw to make up for last night … I just have to work out which fabric to use now …

Then tomorrow night I need to decide whether I continue a bit more with the Leporello, or whether it’s back to the Bordeaux Sampler for this week’s stitching session ready for a progress piccie on Friday/Saturday.  It probably all depends on how shattered I am this time tomorrow, I guess …  I have to admit I had a dreadful night’s sleep last night thanks to the shocking heat, and no power (it came back on during the night, but I was too dopey to get up and switch the fan on, just kept waking up every 1/2 hour and going back to sleep again) – it also appears my neighbours downstairs have had their baby, as the last two nights have also been spent listening to it screaming its lungs out while I’ve been trying to sleep … to say I’m little Miss Cranky Pants today is probably an understatement LOL.  One of the benefits of living on my own that I’m soon going to miss … not having to smile and be friendly when you come home feeling like death warmed up – there’s no-one to think about and impress, and my ducks don’t care if I look at them with baggy eyes and scowling frowns 😛

Actually, talking of the Leporello, I can probably show a progress piccie from the other night – I got very little done on it, but it’s a bit more than before so any progress is good progress 🙂  I’ll continue with this one now until I’ve completed 10 hours, then the next rotation slot is Mirabilia/L&L so I’ll put some more stitches into Winter Queen (which hasn’t been touched in an entire year … very very bad!).

My current rotation is as follows:

  1. Focus piece – Egyptian Garden Mandala
  2. Smalls/ornaments – Stitching Leporello
  3. Charity blocks/Free choice
  4. Canvaswork/Hardanger – Flight of the Bumblebees
  5. Focus piece – Egyptian Garden Mandala
  6.  UFO (Mystery – ie randomly picked by drawing a number out of a hat!)
  7. Smalls/ornaments/gifts – Strawberries So Faire (but doing Leporello instead this time)
  8. Mirabilia/L&L – Winter Queen
  9. Focus piece – Egyptian Garden Mandala
  10. Band Samplers/Specialty Stitches – Le Jardin Silk Sampler
  11. Finishing items
  12. Smalls/ornaments – My Treasures Workstation or Lavender Rose Sewing Case
  13. Focus piece – Egyptian Garden Mandala
  14. Kits & Classes – probably Ete en Grece (French kit of Greece)
  15. UFO (Chosen) – Nature’s Resting Place
  16. Quilting/Stumpwork – GCC Gracie stumpwork or The Blue Collection quilt
  17. Free choice – (not decided yet – whatever screams loudest at the time)

Crikey, I have a lot of projects in there – hence the reason I’m thinking of reworking my rotation, as it takes too long to get to some projects.  Maybe I’ll just work my way through it in its entirety once or twice then decide … I’m almost keen to become a one-at-a-time at the moment to get a few projects finished, but then again with a rotation I don’t get bored on the whole.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s the latest unimpressive update of the Leporello … now I’ve got to get that fan on and find some fabric to restart my Macaw!

Last week’s blob has been replaced by an even smaller blob – I decided to just stitch the Macaw on some 28ct white Lugana.  It’s pretty slow going, but I’ve managed 2 hours stitching on it tonight anyway … and now I’m off to bed.  I thought I might as well show a piccie of the blob, otherwise it’ll be another couple of weeks before it resembles anything, and Carina will wonder if I’m actually stitching along with her! 😉

Macaw at 17Jan07

11 thoughts on “SAL revisited (updated)”

  1. Congratulations on your award Anne – well deserved! You do have a lot in your rotation, but I’m sure you will figure out a way to make it work!

  2. Bummer about the power outages… out this way, we weren’t affected at all, thank goodness. Hope you have a better night’s sleep tonight 🙂

  3. My, you are having a hard time of it! I heard about all the weather and power-related myseries on the news. Good luck to you!
    Instead of stitching over-one (which I also hate. With a vengeance), I sometimes do petit point instead: you get to use two threads, and you only have to stitch one line. It looks good too!

  4. Yikes – first no phone, then no power? What is up??!! Poor you – well, at least you don’t have ice dangling off all of your trees. It is 7F here right now at 9:36 AM and most of my clients have already cancelled due to the cold weather. Many have to walk here, or have poor quality vehicles, so I can’t say I blame them! I think I will work on Bordeaux tonight, if you want to join me!

  5. Goodness, you certainly have been through the mill recently. I bet you’re afraid to ask – what next? Your list has so many impressive pieces on it. WOW! I’ve found that I can’t handle anything other than a screaming rotation. It doesn’t feel very organized, but then it doesn’t feel like work, either. :o) Your macaw is going to be gorgeous over 1 on 28 ct!

  6. Ugh. Sounds like you had a rough night! Sorry. I hope that you sleep better tonight. Maybe some ear plugs to drown out the baby?

    Your Leporello is looking great! I only have that center circle thing done. LOL. So, you do a 10 hours per piece rotation? I think I might like that. It might fit a little better. I’m just not sure how best to approach it yet. All I know is that I haven’t stitched since the weekend and probably won’t pick a needle up tonight, either. I need to stitch!!! 🙂

  7. You are working on an amazing amount of projects, I’m working on 5 and that’s about my limit. Your blob looks really good.

  8. hmmm….I guess I can let you off the hook as it’s pretty hard to stitch during a power outtage! 🙂 I can’t wait to see how your macaw looks over one; I bet it will be spectacular! (Although I’m too lazy to start over and see for myself!) I’ll be stitching my macaw tonight and posting a progress pic in the morning….

  9. Haha, we had our first taste of “real” winter yesterday and today, so I guess neither of us are quite happy, huh? I wouldn’t mind winter if I didn’t have to work. I can’t wait to retire so that I can sit at the window, sipping my java, and waving to the idjuts that still have to work and drive in this stuff. Your rotation is big and I admire your stick-to-it-ivness!! My rotation is about three pieces max, lol. I get too stressed out otherwise.

  10. Anne, did I see the my treasures workstation in that list!! Is that the Judy O’dell piece I’ve been in the Legacy group doing it (but haven’t started yet – can’t settle on colours). Just curious…

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