Back at work again & eye candy

Last night was my first day back at work since Mum returned home, and my great plans of getting some stitching done was foiled by having to do work … bummer haha. I returned to 3 full pages of unread emails that kept me busy for a few hours, then the phones were quite busy.

I had a guy at work give a great compliment to the Kiwis, which was wonderful to hear … and it reminded me of a very different situation on my last day of work last week … After having two different staff members come through being exceptionally rude about Kiwis, I snapped … one stated a bomb should be dropped on my homeland and nuke all its inhabitants – I warned him to stop before he went any further as I was a Kiwi (this is the Readers Digest Condensed version!) … then the next insult was a girl ranting about how Kiwis annoy her, and they want to become another state of Australia, and we sure as hell don’t want them here (very condensed version!!) blah blah blah … I very bluntly told her to nip it in the bud, that I am a Kiwi, and I was finding her comments very offensive, and that I’m sick of hearing it … mutter mutter mutter.

On the whole, I have a very good sense of humour, and can take a lot of bantering … as a Kiwi living in Aussie, you need a thick skin haha (and if anyone wants any sheep jokes, I think I’ve heard every single one known to man … although every once in a while I do get surprised with a new one LOL). I absolutely adore Aussie and the majority of its people, and this is likely to be my home for a long time to come … there are just a few pig ignorant ones in tiniest minority that tarnish the image in my eyes. I will continue to laugh at a friend who baa’s like a sheep to me every time I pick up the phone, and I find it highly amusing to have the mickey taken out of my (and that of my countrymen) accent (mind you, I’m a real mimic with accents so I have a great Aussie twang going, and is probably why people don’t pick up that I’m a Kiwi) … but when you start saying you’d like to drop a bomb on my head or don’t welcome me in your country, don’t expect me to laugh … Sorry, dunno where that little rant came from …

And just to prove I DO have a sense of humour, my fellow Aussies and Kiwis will laugh at this one (especially the Aussies) … those of you in the ‘outer regions’ may not get the joke, as it’s based on the Aussies taking the mickey out of the Kiwis’ accent, and you probably need to know the nuances of the accents – but I think it’s absolutely hilarious! (You’ll have to click on the link to enlarge it to be able to read it.)

And don’t ask me why, but that reminds me to check out Google to see if there’s a Billy T James DVD for sale … a great Kiwi comedian from my ‘youth’ …

Back to stitching … I forgot to post a few weeks ago about some new ‘smalls’ designs that have me drooling (but no, I’m still not tempted until my challenge is over LOL). If you haven’t seen them before, check these out … aren’t they all gorgeous?? The great thing about being abstinent for so long, is honing that wishlist down to seriously droolable items haha … ;P

Old Italian Sewing Set by Giulia Punti Antichi

While I Darn Sewing Set by Giulia Punti Antichi

Quaker Schoolgirl Needle Necessities by With My Needle

12 thoughts on “Back at work again & eye candy”

  1. LOL Anne

    I love the kiwi joke, I used to live in OZ to, loved it, would love to live there again, we just need to pack up those odd aussies and send them to NZ LOL

    I Love the Old Italian sewing set and the while I darn sewing set, totally gorgeous!!


    Andie http://stitchitandie.blogspot.com/

  2. Sometimes I’m just downright ashamed at the behaviour of some of my fellow Aussies *sigh*. I would never be so rude!

    I worked with a fantastic Kiwi girl before I moved out here – we’d have a giggle about how she’d say some words and vice versa (I can come out with some doozies some times – lol). Loved the list 🙂

  3. Hi Anne, I used to get so annoyed when I lived in Melbourne by the occasional Australian who picked on my accent – which isn’t particularly strong for a NZ accents, as my mother’s Danish and I tend to speak more like her. What used to get me was that it was usually the people who sounded like Crocodile Dundee’s less well educated cousin who would make rude comments! By the way, I met Billy T James several times, he often performed at a place where I worked when I was at university. He was just great, a real personality.

  4. Pete had a good giggle at your Kiwi dictionary – he has great delight in trying to mimic my accent. The joke will be on him when we’re in NZ though!

  5. Ach! It’s that whole English/Scots thing, except it’s completely on the other side of the world and it’s Aussie/Kiwi. :O) I think the Scot’s give the English a hard time far more than the other way around, mind you… [not me, some of my dearest friends are English!!]

  6. Sorry to hear about your rude customers and how nice to hear compliments, I find people often don’t take the time to compliment, so it’s really nice when you do get one. I still, after 9 years living here in Canada have people tell me I have an accent and I’m only from the states. It’s usually followed by some comment about how *insert comment here* the states are LOL. Usually though I have been treated kindly, so that really doesn’t happen often.

    I adore the smalls you’ve posted. I have never stitched anything like that but would love to! They look intimidating to me to finish, so I think that is what has stopped me so far.

  7. What can I say those damm aussies always thinking they are better than us ,just wait till we built our Navy ,Air Force and Army back up they’ll be sorry LOL.
    Hey its not fair if you keep posting those great charts I’ll fail on day two of the challenge LOL.

  8. Anne, I laughed all the way through your Kiwi dictionary. I spent 5 weeks there in 2001 and there were many times when I had no idea what the Kiwis were saying to me! They would be completely stymied that I could not understand them when they could understand my Canuck accent perfectly well!
    BTW, I love your smalls basket and am greatly tempted to start a basket of my own!

  9. I thought it was ‘New Zilund’ actually! That’s what my sister says 🙂 Ah, the Aussies and the Kiwis. Just like the English and the Scots as Tina said. I can think of some comebacks but I’m sure you can too 🙂

    I’ve seen those sets of stitching smalls – aren’t they all lovely 🙂

  10. I really like those smalls too! One of these days I might even make some for myself. LOL

    Ack, don’t worry about small-minded people and their rantings. It takes very little to be rude and a whole lot to be civil. Not to show my own ignorance (via lack of knowledge) but I didn’t know that New Zelanders were called Kiwis and Australians Aussies!!! Guess it’s a good thing I’m not ever in THAT neck of the woods!LOL

    The Scots have been very anti-England since they pesky business with Sir William Wallace and the reigning King of England. History is fascinating, but sometimes people do need to move into the century they are actually living in!!! I’ve got First Nations blood, so I know exactly how hard it can be to rise above prejudice, but if we don’t, that makes the animals smarter than us!

    Try and have a great weekend sweetie!

  11. those are great “smalls” patterns there Anne, you’ve got me drooling now, now see what did I tell you about no willpower at all!

    (btw,incase you’ve forgotten how to speak “kiwi”, Mum and I will be able to give you a crash course when we meet up, lol)

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