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50 Projects lists

I decided not to list a list of projects I want to complete as part of my 50 Project Challenge, as I need the flexibility to pick and choose as the mood fits … and considering my HUGE list of possible candidates in my current stash, there should be no problem whatsoever in finding 50 projects. My relatively full stash list is here, and is by no means complete (eg I have most of the TW charts in existence from a stash collection spree years ago).

There are a few projects in the “highly desirable/pretty definite” pile, though, and these are:

  • Lavender Rose Sewing Case – Fancy Work
  • Bordeaux Sampler – Sampler Cove (WIP)
  • Egyptian Garden Mandala – Chatelaine (WIP)
  • Dolphins Domain (aka “The Dratteds”) – Cross My Heart (WIP)
  • Winter Queen – Mirabilia (WIP)
  • Stitching Leporello – Chatelaine
  • Star Spangled Scissor Finder – Calico Crossroads
  • Apricot (“Marine”) Elegance – Cindy Valentine (WIP)
  • Autumn Arbor – Drawn Thread
  • For the Birds – Drawn Thread
  • Summer Solstice needleroll – Eventide Designs
  • Quaker Swan Case – Fancy Work
  • Golden Garden Sweet Bag – Forget-Me-Nots In Stitches
  • Raphael’s Raspberries – FMNIS
  • Secret Garden needlecase – FMNIS
  • Folding Cross Needlebook – Indigo Rose
  • Le Jardin Silk Sampler – JCS magazine (WIP)
  • Pacific Pohutukawa – Jen’s Jems (WIP)
  • Polynesian Paradise – Jen’s Jems
  • Evening Star – Just Nan
  • Winter in the Square – Just Nan
  • Sapphire Star – Laura J Perin
  • Angel of Love – Lavender & Lace
  • Coffee Menu – Little House Needleworks
  • Needle Nick – Lizzie*Kate
  • Sun needleroll – M Designs
  • Schwalm Whitework Pinkeep – Moss Creek Designs
  • Lavender Blue Celtic Knot Quilt – Nancy’s Needle
  • Onyx – Paw Printings
  • Here Comes Santa Claus 2005 – Prairie Schooler
  • Rainbow Lorikeets – Ross Originals
  • Flight of the Bumblebees – Ruth Schmuff Designs
  • Nature’s Resting Place – Stoney Creek (UFO/WIP)
  • French Monogram – Twisted Oaks (WIP)
  • Crimson Fire – The Victoria Sampler
  • Bunnies in my Garden – With My Needle
  • Strawberries So Faire – With My Needle

Other than that I have the freedom to choose a project at will 🙂 So much for not making a list!! oops hahaha

Thanks to everyone for their comments on the Aussies vs Kiwis – it is true that every country/race has their minority that are less than tolerant of other cultures, and friendly (and sometimes not-so-friendly) rivalry … and yes, the Brits vs Scots and Yanks vs Canucks are definitely right up there too! LOL. Personally I’ve always been very accepting of all races and cultures, and that’s been part of the wonderful experience that life has given me so far. While I’m certainly not perfect on that score, I try not to be judgmental and accept everyone for who they are … and have made some great friendships and learnt a lot by doing that. One of these life experiences was staying with a Fijian friend’s family outside of Suva, in a typical Fijian home (they were very poor) … they taught me a lot, and I treasure a lot of the memories from my time there.

Still no stitching news … tried again last night, but to no avail – I took a Shepherd’s Bush needleroll into work again, but not much chance to stitch, plus I was very tired last night after only 5 hours sleep (and last night it was the same, so heaven help me tonight! – geez I hate these 6pm shifts!!). I have had great plans of stitching a gift for a friend, but can’t get my head around designing/choosing the project … it might end up being a late arrival, as this week just isn’t the right time for me 😦

I’ll end of saying “welcome” to the new commenters here … it’s been nice to hear from you, and I’ll be popping over to your own blogs soon to return the favour 😀

6 thoughts on “50 Projects lists”

  1. Fifty Projects! That would take me several years, lol! But you will whip right through in a much shorter time, Anne. 😀 It’s really an excellent idea to actually stitch projects we already have – what a concept! Looking forward to seeing lots of progress pics and doing some dancing with you to celebrate your finishes.

    Hope this week is a good one for you!

  2. What a lovely photograph, everyone looks so happy. Egads, 50 projects. At the rate I’m going would be 50 years to get that done LOL. I’m to scared to go itemize my stash, especially as I’ve been adding to it a lot over the last months and not done anything to decrease it! Hope you get a better nights sleep and you feel like stitching soon *hugs*

  3. That must’ve been a fascinating experience, living with people from another culture. Wow! Though I’ve traveled a fair amount, I’ve never lived with the people in the areas that I’ve passed through.

    That is some list of projects! WOW – have fun picking and choosing. They all look pretty great to me!

  4. I just had a look at your stash list 😮 LOL! Nice to know someone is worse than me 🙂 And you’ve got some lovely project lined up there too.

    A lovely photo from Fiji too 🙂

  5. What a gorgeous family!!!! That must have been alot of fun and you’re so right about what we can learn from each other!!!

    Yaaayyyy a list!!LOL You’ve got some wonderful projects listed here. Can’t wait to see what you get accomplished on them.

    One of the most attractive things I like about this 50 Challenge is the no time limit. I might still be blogging this 25 years from now….you want to keep me company?ROFL

  6. Oh my…don’t let my husband catch wind of a “50 projects to FINISH” list or he’ll be waving it under my nose saying, “See, that’s what you need to do…” I have unfinished work from a handfull of cross stitch charts, to a pair of sweaters to knit, several scarves, and an enormous quilt to finish quilting.

    Or maybe I should make a “50 projects” list.

    Thanks for the idea 🙂

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