50 Projects Challenge

Over on The Wagon BB, HasturTorres has decided not to buy any more charts until she has completed 50 of her existing projects, and offered up the challenge for anyone else to join her … after considering it seriously (well, actually I just woke up this morning and decided it still sounded like a good idea LOL) I’ve decided to join her in her challenge 😀 Originally I was allowing myself up until my birthday in February, but now that’s on hold, and the goal is 50 projects instead. Seeing as I have a mix of both small and large items I want to stitch, this could take me some considerable time, but I really don’t need any more charts, and have enough on hand to do the challenge at least 4 times over … and I love being able to see my progress – it’s just another excuse to start another list! haha.

I’ve been given the OK to use my two latest needleroll finishes towards my efforts, as they’re not actually ‘finished’ yet, and have only just been stitched (and I’m probably going to re-do that wonky band on the LB one so the two bands match as it’s niggling me in the back of my mind), so I have a good start on it already. The only exceptions I have to the chart buying are the JCS ornie issues, and a recent XS magazine that has the Michael Powell Greek design in it (I’m still stalking the newsagents for that one to arrive down under as I ADORE Greek scenes with all that blue – surprise surprise). I still permit myself to continue my monthly stash programs – fabric from Country Stitch and Silkweaver (although I intend the latter to be more short-term) and threads from SB&B, and any fabrics/threads that I need to complete a project (which should be minimal) but that’s it for a while … perhaps it will give me more incentive to stitch faster ;D

Now I’m off to see if Blogger is playing ball this morning … last night I tried to catch up on some blogs, but many of them showed an internal server error and I couldn’t display them. I’ve also been tidying up my sidebars a tiny bit, and have moved all of my links to other blogs I like to read to a separate post, which makes my blog a lot quicker to scroll down, and makes it easier for me to add new blogs to the list … also, I don’t use the links myself anymore as I use a subscription service instead. Talking of which, off I go to add another 10 to Bloglines …

10 thoughts on “50 Projects Challenge”

  1. what a good idea Anne, good luck with your challenge. I have no willpower at all when it comes to new patterns out, so I’d be absolutely hopeless 🙂

    Got your email too, thanks for that, will send you one tomorrow with all our details 🙂

    Can’t wait to meet you soon!

  2. Glad that you’re joining us Anne! I’m not going for the 50 projects necessarily, although with ornaments and freebies I’ll probably stitch over 50 things by the time I’m done, but I’m definitely finishing up the 30 ommercial charts in my list before buying more supplies.

    It’s not that hard when you get into it and it’s actually quite fun to see what you can use out of your stash!

  3. Thanks for sharing pics of all your smalls. They are all so lovely!

    I think I may join you in that challenge …after I go to CATS of course. I might modify it to be a bit more realistic for me though:) 25 maybe?

  4. Best wishes with the challenge! I don’t usually finish 50 projects in a year, so that would be a LONG time to go without a chart purchase. Not saying it couldn’t be done…but I don’t want to try! I’ll be happy to cheer you on.

  5. What a great idea I have been going nuts lately buying charts ,especially when I see what other people are stitching I would deffinately like to give this a try .I love the basket of goodies you shared yesterday I have a couple of needle roll patterns in my stash and I feel inspired to get them out now.Take Care Tracy

  6. I have tried several times not to buy charts, but I just can’t seem to stop! There is always SOMETHING that I just MUST have! I want to join the challenge, but I question my ability to last 50 projects. I guess maybe if they we all small…. LOL

  7. I should accept that challenge, but 50 I don’t know. I’m trying for 25 myself and I failed so had to start all over. I haven’t completed a project since starting over! I’ll try. Maybe do 50 real small pieces!

  8. I agree with Leslie and Barb, this is a great idea, but 50 is too many for me. 25 might be a much more attainable goal. And definitely not until after CATS. 😉

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