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Photo for Tessa

Just to satisfy Tessa’s curiosity … here’s my basket of ‘smalls’ – in fact, here’s a “before” and “after” shot haha … the first photo is from when I first started blogging just over a year ago – and the 2nd is the result after a year’s worth of stitching to fill it up! I eventually want to find a nice long narrow basket especially just for my needlerolls, which will give a bit more space to my pincushions again, but for now this will suffice. It’s sitting on top of my new Ikea cabinet I made last month which houses my glasses, and is the first thing you walk past when you come into my wee flat. I can’t believe how full that basket has got recently … me thinks perhaps I’m going to have to find another one to fill again soon too πŸ˜‰

before ……………………….. after
Aside from that, nothing to post about really – I’ve been feeling really down and homesick today, so a phone call home helped a bit before settling down for the night. I’ve just been moping around for the last two days, perhaps because I haven’t been at work so haven’t had the distraction of chatting to other people there, and I’ve really been missing Mum since she’s been gone. Oh well, it’s back to work again tomorrow for 4 nights of 6pm starts (my least favourite shift – yuk!!), so I’ll have plenty of things to keep my busy then … I might even sneak in a small stitching project for work too, seeing as every now and then we get a quiet night and can get a few stitches in between phone calls πŸ˜› This time I’ll make sure it’s not a Lorri Birmingham kit, so there shouldn’t be any errors for me not to notice!

And I’ll soon be meeting Katrina face-to-face when she’s over visiting Melbourne during the next couple of weeks, so that’ll be a great cheer-me-up and something to look forward to πŸ˜€ Then on 30 Sep I’m hosting my very first dinner party since I’ve moved out on my own … which is a huge big deal for me, as I’m inviting 4 people from work phew! I’m really nervous about it, but really looking forward to it as well – two of the ladies are definitely staying over for the night too, as they have a long way to drive, so it will be a fun social weekend, as we’ll be finishing off with brekkie at St Kilda before they head off home. I’m not really social on the whole, as I’m quite shy, and having people from work in my home is a biggie … I’m just nervous that people can be quite judgmental, but I feel secure enough with my surroundings now to make the move and invite people round …

Over the next week I’m hoping to catch up on blog reading, as I’m usually little miss cranky pants during the day and don’t get any stitching done on these shifts (I can’t usually get to sleep until about 4am, and don’t get a good unbroken sleep) … I’ve decided I’m fed up with Newsgator now showing piccies on the subscription feeds, so I’m moving everything over to Bloglines, and I’m catching up on each blog at the same time as copying over the subscription details – unfortunately, though, it’s going to take me quite some time to do it all, so my apologies if it’s a while before I get to ‘your’ blog πŸ™‚

Rightio, back into the kitchen again to finish cooking dinner … a very boring Tuna Bake, that’s going to last me for the next 3 nights …

17 thoughts on “Photo for Tessa”

  1. What an amazing basket of stitched goodies, Anne, I’m in love with it! And a first dinner party – that’s a huge task to undertake. Good luck with it – I’m sure it will turn out well.

  2. What a lovely basket of “smalls”! I’ve been wondering what to do with my growing stash of cushions and needlerolls. Now I have an idea πŸ™‚

  3. Oh my gosh! I am so envious! I don’t own even one needleroll and have only three little xstitched pillows!! Not enough to warrant much of a basket yet, I fear…

  4. What a wonderful idea for your small stitches! I might like to borrow that idea if you don’t mind. I only have one needleroll but lots of patterns for little items. Thanks and have a great day! Michelle-ozark crafter

  5. That is an awesome basket of smalls! It shows them off so nicely πŸ™‚ I have all of my needlerolls piled into a wire thingy, but it really doesn’t show them off. I think that I need a new basket!

  6. Yay! I’m glad to see that your smalls basket has grown so nicely. πŸ™‚ I’m sorry that you are missing your mum. I’m sure that she misses you as well. *hug*

  7. What a wonderfully full basket of goodies!

    You have some fun times coming in the next couple of weeks. Don’t sweat having a few people over, Anne. Just be your charming self and it will all come out great! I’m on the quiet side myself, so do understand your anxiety about it. πŸ˜€

  8. oooooooo a dinner party in honour of my Birthday, how kind of you Anne. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it, I’ll be in Scotland on the 30th πŸ˜‰

  9. I want to catch up with your blog but will read it properly another time as there are LOADS of postings πŸ™‚
    I like all your ‘smalls’ in the basket they are lovely, I intend to have something similar, I’d love to see them and Becky’s treasure for real. By the way I did like how your new suite looked in your room…very posh!!
    Not nice to be missing your Mum, I’m lucky as mine only lives about a mile away so I see her alot with my Dad.

  10. Your basket of goodies is just beautiful and your dinner guests are going to be very impressed. Sorry you are missing your Mum – I know how hard it is to live in a different country to your family ((Hugs))

  11. I’m trying to catch up on blog reading too (as you can probably tell).

    Your basket of needlework smalls is amazing! And it has certainly grown over the past year!

  12. Wow, look at all those needlerolls! You certainly have been a busy stitcher! Sorry to hear you’re a bit down and homesick. Maybe the dinner party is just what you need for a pick-me-up.

  13. Lots of hugs for you feeling homesick. I know what that’s like well {{{hugs}}} Are you planning coming over again before your mum comes back in Feb?

    Love the basket of smalls. I need to get something like that too πŸ™‚

  14. I studied your basket of “smalls” down to every piece and how they were arranged. I have tons of cheap-to-expensive baskets, some looking pretty empty, so Im stealing your idea. What an eyecatcher and sooo interesting to look at each little one of ’em. Now all I have to get my stitched smalls out of hiding and “finish” them. Arrrrgh….

  15. Thanks for posting a photo Anne, I LOVE how you have displayed your beautiful collection. I have nowhere (yet) I can display my ‘very small’ (working on it!) collection as I have to be careful of putting these tempting soft things anywhere near where Scooter can destroy them.

    Have you ever had brekkie at Il Fornaio? This is my favourite in St Kilda… I will have to come over soon and have brekkie with you…
    (2 Acland Street – google it for reviews)

    Tessa πŸ™‚

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