Psychedelia is back …

Yup, my canvaswork stitching has just got even more psychedelic – oh boy, those colours are bright!! The photo is very poor again, as it’s taken without the flash, just under my ott-lite … I’ll wait until it’s finished, then I’ll try taking a daylight shot to get the colours and stitches nice and crisp. I’ve managed to get a wee bit done tonight, to keep my awake after my 6am start this morning … Mum arrives tomorrow, but I’m hoping I’ll get more chance to finish my rotation slot for this piece before we go to ‘Honkers’ 🙂

This piece is definitely interesting with the threads used – there is Colour Streams silk (the variegated thread), pearl cotton #5, DMC metallics, rayons and cotton floss (all with 6 strands used of each) … the rayon is a challenge, that’s for sure!! There is a wonderful sheen that isn’t evident in the photo 🙂

6 thoughts on “Psychedelia is back …”

  1. Anne that is gorgeous! So lovely and bright! And you got a lot done whilst “keeping yourself awake” 🙂



  2. Wow, this design is great! I looked at the finished picture in your progress bar and what a stunning piece that will be.
    Have a wonderful time in Hong-Kong 😀

  3. Rayon floss is indeed a challenge! I’ve done a little Brazilian embroidery with it and it’s almost like learning to use a needle and thread all over again. The stuff definitely has a mind of it’s own!

    Great design and stitching, Anne! 😀

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