Canvaswork rotation over

I’ve been sat up since early this morning stitching the rest of my rotation slot for this piece – I was up early to drive out to the airport, but Mum’s flight has been delayed due to the late arrival into Auckland from Los Angeles, so she’s now approx 6 hours late leaving, and consquently arriving. Seeing as my plans have been upset for the day, I just decided to keep on stitching on Pacific Pohutukawa until my slot finished, or until I got fed up … which just so happens to be right at the same time! The main reason I’m feeling fed up is that the thumb on my right hand is quite red and sore from pulling that damned rayon through the threads on the back to hold it secure – so now it feels a bit uncomfortable to stitch with. Oh well, at least I got my rotation commitments finished for this piece, and now I can move on with the next thing on my agenda … Bordeaux Sampler, followed by my next (and final one with a deadline) charity block, which is due to be received 15 August. After that I have my redwork exchange, needleroll exchange, and round robin to complete … me thinks my rotation won’t be looked at for a while again now hmmm … 😉

Time to go check the arrivals info again, and see if it’s time to start driving to the airport 🙂

11 thoughts on “Canvaswork rotation over”

  1. Sorry to hear your mum’s flight has been delayed. Hopefully you will see her soon enough. 😉

    The Pacific Pohutukawa piece is wonderful, the colors are so vibrant. Hope your thumb heals quickly.

  2. Hope that youe Mum is safe with you as I write this Anne.

    Love your finished piece and wonder how you are going to finish it.

  3. Hope your Mum is with you now and you’re enjoying yourselves 🙂

    Love the canvas piece … I’ve got a couple of these I bought, well a while ago LOL, that I should really get out and do something wtih – I love the colours on them!

  4. Wow, Anne! I think that this will be done by the end of your next rotation on it. 🙂 Looking great!

    Tell your mum I said hi. 🙂

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