Glad my pal has just left …

… Well, to be honest, I’m not “really” glad on the whole, but my liver certainly is! haha. We had a reasonable ‘session’ last night (and an inhouse session the previous night at home) and went into the city to the Transport bar and had drinks and dinner with another couple that used to work in Auckland with Jenny (and now in Melbourne with me) – had a great night out, with much laughter, then we got home at about 11.45pm, and had a ‘nightcap’ of Glayva for me and whisky for Jen that turned into a couple and we didn’t get to bed until 1.30am oops … we’re up early this morning for Jenny’s cab arriving to take her to the airport, and I’m trying hard to stay awake for another hour before I head off to work … perhaps I’ll go in early and get a very large cappuccino before I start haha. It’s been lovely having Jenny here for this short visit – and it was a great opportunity for her to spend the day in the office seeing our procedures etc, and catching up with news from people I used to work with and have high regard for.

The nice thing is that Jenny really likes my little flat … I don’t know why, but I do feel a bit self conscious about it, and it’s taking me some time to invite people back here from work – it’s not that it’s not ‘nice’, but it is very old, and certainly not ‘flash’ compared to where a lot of other people I know live, so I guess I’m a bit self-conscious about it … mind you, I have made an effort to make it a home, and the more people that have been coming and saying how lovely it is, is making me more comfortable about having other people here from work … and I’m even in the middle of organising a dinner and cocktail party for half a dozen of my absolutely favourite people from work over in September … a big step 🙂

As for stitching news, I only managed to get 2 hours done into my current rotation slot of canvaswork and specialty stitches on Monday night – I’m working on the Pacific Pohutukawa piece by Jen’s Jems (a NZ designer), and it looks like a relatively quick stitch overall. In fact, I think only two rotation slots will see it all finished woohoo! Then it’s a toss up between the Golden Garden Sweet Bag by FMNIS, Walk the Gentle Path by Cross ‘n Patch, and Onyx by Paw Printings to jump into that rotation slot … ooh, decisions decisions … Anyway, here’s my progress to date (excuse the threads showing through that are carried over on the back – they’re covered by other stitches that I haven’t put in yet!). The colours are extremely bright, and I just love them – unfortunately not a great photo due to the flash, but once it’s finished I’ll try to get a photo in daylight. Probably no stitching now until Friday afternoon, when it will be time to pick up Bordeaux Sampler for the week – then Mum arrives on Saturday, and we’re off to Hong Kong for a few days … we’ve agreed that even if we have to live on plain boiled rice every day due to no money, we’re still going! haha.

3 thoughts on “Glad my pal has just left …”

  1. Wonderful start to the canvaswork piece, Anne! I really like the vibrant colors against the black canvas. I’m glad you’re becoming more comfortable in your flat and with having people over. You should be proud of your place – it looks lovely from the pictures you’ve shown. Very home-y and comfortable, which is exactly what people like. 🙂

    I hope that you and your mum have a fantastic time in Hong Kong, just in case I forget to write sooner. Just don’t forget to get your new glasses while you’re there! *hug*

  2. That is an interesting project! The colors are so vibrant. I love the geometric pattern, very loveyly.

    Glad to hear you had a nice visit and how fun to be going to Hong Kong. I hope you have a great trip. 😀

    I can relate about the apartment comments I often feel the same way about mine. But from the pictures you’ve shown of yours I think it’s lovely. 😀

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