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Itchy stitcher fingers

I’ve decided to answer an archival Stitching Meme, because it’s relevant for the first time today …

“Do you have a case of startitis?What projects are you dying to start? Which would you start today if you “allowed” yourself?”

Um, the answer is well and truly “yes” … today I received my latest Mystery Bits from SB&B, and they included threads for three projects that are very high on my “wanna start it now” wishlist – both the Golden Garden Sweet Bag and Never Enough Berries by Forget-Me-Knots in Stitches, and the Summer at the Ocean needleroll by Jeannette Douglas Designs … I am seriously itching to start the sweet bag and the needleroll BIG TIME! I’ve had to keep putting them to one side until I had all the threads, but now I’ve got everything for the needleroll, and just missing 2 Soie d’Alger silks for the sweet bag … I can barely contain my excitement!! 😀 I also just need one Waterlilies silk for the berries set, but I don’t have all the fabric for that one, so a slightly longer wait … but I have plenty to keep me out of trouble in the meantime haha. The needleroll will get started during the next SAL … and I might just have to find a spot for the sweet bag in my rotation … 😉 Mind you, it’s quite a ‘varied’ chart and the FMNIS charts are never that easy to follow, so it may become an ongoing project and push my rotation a bit out the window … time will tell … 😉

Today I’m feeling very jaded, and my eyes are like little slits at only 3pm – I came off a 6pm finish last night, onto a 5am start today, and I never sleep that well doing that – after the previous bad sleep due to the rugby, it’s definitely caught up with me. I’ve just put a load of washing in the machine, and trying to keep active to keep me awake … in a short while I’ll sit down and try to stitch some more on the NASCARs piece, but I think I’ll be in bed at about 6pm tonight as it’s a 5am start again tomorrow yuk!

5 thoughts on “Itchy stitcher fingers”

  1. So fun to have time to read your blog. I’m with you about startitis, but life just keeps getting in my way. I feel wicked just taking today to play catch up with my online friends. Hope you get some rest and are able to start one or both of those projects. The Sweet Bag looks amazing and I will enjoy checking in to see it’s progress.

  2. Wow! Amazing stash haul! And the more I buy, the more I want to start stuff. Can’t wait to see a finished pic of your race cars!

  3. Oh, no kidding — I’ve got startitis — a BAD case!! I decided to get out a very old Shep Bush kit that I won a few years ago. I swear, when I won the kit, I thought I’d race home and get moving right away — yet, it still sits in the closet without ONE stitch. What is with that???

    Your three new projects look wonderful. Enjoy 😀

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