Go All Blacks!!!

I may regret it tomorrow, but last night I stayed up to watch the first game of the All Blacks vs Wallabies (ie New Zealand vs Australia in Rugby Union for those of you not in the know) … and I’m pleased to say the ALL BLACKS WON!!! I have to admit to not being a sports fan, but the All Blacks are the only team I follow … I get a ribbing at work for being a Kiwi all the time, and today I intend wearing my All Black scarf and T-shirt just to wind one of the guys up 😉

I have to admit, I love living in Aussie, and the majority of the people I’ve met and dealt with are wonderful people, and I feel at home here … but sometimes the sports commentating here is very one-eyed and rude. I was really shocked to hear a commentator last night, while the camera was on a toddler being held up by its parents covered in All Blacks face paint – the commentator said “look at that poor kid – it’s amazing what parents will do to you these days … it’s unfortunate enough that it’s a New Zealander without doing that to it as well” – now is that really necessary??? I can take a joke as much as the next person, but that’s really inappropriate, and it really got my ire up last night for a short time hmmm. There is a friendly rivalry between the two nations, and a zillion of Kiwi vs Aussie jokes etc, and I can handle that easily … but that public comment made me angry 😦

So partly because of that attitude last night, I was SUPER happy that we trounced the Aussies 32-12 (sorry Aussie pals), and my neighbours got a taste of their own medicine after midnight as I was cheering my team on loudly (they did the same last week or so watching the soccer until the early hours haha). Of course, the game is still not over as such – there are still two games to be played for the Bledisloe Cup … go Kiwis!!! 😉

7 thoughts on “Go All Blacks!!!”

  1. I have to agree Anne, that wasn’t a very kind thing to say at all. It can be comments like that, that inevetably cause people to start violence.

  2. Over the past few years the old friendly-rivalry seems to be giving way to a more scathing kind.

    Still, as with all things like that it says more about the person saying it than who they are saying it about.

    Go the ALL BLACKS!!!

  3. I find sports commentry hard to put up with most of the time – did Roy and HG do a commentry? That might have been fun to listen too…

  4. Go ITALY!!! oh, wait, wrong sport LOL

    Being a born and bred Kiwi I should say the Rugby bores me stupid, should I? I’m interested enough to flick channels to see who is winning, but that is about it 😉

    The girls and Josh (our non-sporty male of the household) and I watched Harry Potter – the boys watched the rugby … pretty usual in our house 🙂

    But seriously … go Italy … I have money at stake for that one!

  5. Congratulations All Blacks! I totally get your enthusiasm! I am a die hard sports nut and am known to stay up to 2 AM on a work night when the Red Sox are playing on the West Coast – LOL!!! The next morning isn’t all bad… it is the next night when you just can’t wait to get to bed 🙂

  6. Quite a tasteless and rude comment, indeed! I agree with Rowyn’s comment, though. It says more about the class of the commentator than the parents and the child. People never cease to amaze me… and not in a good way. Glad the All Blacks gave them a thorough trouncing. 😀

  7. With a rugby mad husband and several friends who are rugby mad, I understand how you feel.

    Not a bad game, althought Jerry is in the firing line for what HE did!!

    Agree with you on the comentary thing though. Ya just gotta laugh through it!

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