Here Kitty Kitty!!!

Did I do any stitching yesterday? Nope … nil … nada … zip … zilch! I kept active as long as I could – and as soon as I sat down my eyes drooped big time, so I just kept doing a few things around the place like putting my last load of washing away etc and general tidying around my computer area – I fell into bed early at 7pm, but had a really rough night’s sleep compliments of shocking high winds making a racket … I think tonight is the first night where I’m going to succumb to taking 1/2 a sleeping tablet, as I feel almost dizzy from the lack of sleep (aside from looking like Frankenstein’s bride!). I’m taking the risk tonight in taking a tablet, as I don’t start work until 9am, so it’s OK if I sleep in a bit. Then it’s my two days off (Thu/Fri), before working 7 days straight.

Anyway, I have to put the record straight with my latest spoils … the only things I went ‘off the wagon’ for was my Ebay win from Ashleigh – everything else was from previously … which is what prompted me to get back on the wagon haha. Admittedly, that money could have gone towards a new lounge suite, or my holiday, or a new feline companion, but I really enjoyed spending it that way, and have no guilty feelings this time whatsoever 😀

Talking of which, I think I’ve made a decision to go ahead with the feline companion … I just need to get a few items that are essential first, ie scratching post, litter tray, kitty litter, ping pong balls etc. I’ve also been checking out the RSPCA adoption website, and I absolutely adore these three critters … especially the black and white one, as he’s the spitting image of our last cat Rio 🙂 Second runner-up is the grey tabby, but I really love the look of all three of these … I can’t do anything about it until after we come back from Hong Kong, but I have to admit it would be perfect timing to get one then, as I’ll be at home for about another 1-2 weeks on holiday, so it would be a great chance to get a cat settled in and house trained etc then … I’ll take a trip out to Burwood when we get back, and have a look, I think … mind you, it depends if I still have any money left over, as the cat itself is $110 plus all of the essentials I’ll need. I really need to buy some glasses, which is probably more essential at the moment for me, so we’ll see … but the seed has definitely been set … 🙂
Age: 7 months; Sex: Male (N); Colour: Black Tabby & White
Name: “Molly”; Age: 4 years; Sex: Female (S); Colour: Grey Torti
Age: 4 years; Sex: Female; Colour: Tabby

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  1. What cute wee moggies Anne, and I love them. We once had a b & w one called Steven – after cat stevens – and he was a little horror. Cute though. You will love having a feline companion again, would not be without my boys now. Bill has just climbed up onto my knee as I type this on the laptop.

  2. Cat Stevens – LOL LOL LOL!! I love those kind of names.

    Ah, but I meant to come here to comment on how hard it would be to choose one of them – all three are so sweet. I love kitties. I do wish we’d gotten two when we got Spin last year – he’s now rather aggressive to other cats, and I don’t think we could adopt a second one at this point. Anyway, happy choosing. A home is really a home once it has a kitty.

  3. $110?????? If you go to the Cat Protection Society in Greensborough, you will have a much larger selection of cats, and for only $70 all inclusive. They also sell all the extras, so it would be just one trip for the lot. (and you could pop over and have a coffee with me – we’re only 5 minutes from the CPS! That is where we got Topsy). By the way, I am not ‘knocking’ the RSPCA – I’m a member of it, and they do a great job. Just suggesting an alternative.

  4. Oh I have fell in love with the grey isn’t she pretty and her eyes are an amazing colour. Keep us posted on what you decide to do.

  5. That beautiful grey torti speaks to me, but I’m sure any of them would be a welcome addition to your daily life. 🙂

  6. I hope everything works out with getting a new furbaby soon. I don’t know what I would do with out my two pests:) They are all so cute…how do you choose:)???

  7. I thought for a minute from the title of your post that you’d already got yourself a kitty! So pleased you’ll be getting a companion soon.

    $110 sounds a lot. I know they need funds desperately but surely better to ask for whatever someone can afford than put a cat that really needs a home out of price range. Both ours were free from cat shelters in the UK (though we gave donations)

  8. Are you adopting all three?? You know, getting kitties instead of kitty was the best decision we made. They were house mates before joining our family and they keep each other fantastic company.

    My dream has always been to adopt a momma kitty and her litter.

  9. Ann, they’re all lovely fur babies. I went a whole 3 days when I left my parents home before I got a new cat. Why don’t you wait and look around for someone giving away a cat. Free is cheap! That’s how I got Hunter.

  10. I know you’ll surely enjoy having a kitty in your home, Anne. I think Dani has a great idea in looking for someone needing to find a home for a cat. There are ads in our paper all the time for free cats.

  11. What beautiful cats! Each of them precious in their own special way. Too bad you aren’t closer — our kittens are 2 weeks old now & we found homes for 4 of the eight in the litter.

    Good luck selecting a new pet

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