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Amendment to 101 Things

OK, I think I was perhaps a little over-enthusiastic with my list, and to be honest a little bit unrealistic about my travel plans … so I’ve removed three items that are the least likely to be met – there’s still a lot of travel in there, though, but at least they’re more ‘possible’ within the timeframe … maybe if I win Lotto anyway (although my odds would be highly improved if I ever bought a ticket) 😉 I’ve removed the travel to Bangkok/Phuket, Greek Islands, and Paris – and replaced them with the following:

  • Attend a Stitch & Craft needlework show in Melbourne
  • Try a SuDoku puzzle
  • Put curtains up in the lounge and fix those in the main bedroom

I’ve also created an new 101 Things blog so I can keep a track of my progress in one place. So far I’ve met the last two days of my daily goals – drinking water, and taking my multivitamin tablets (which I’ve had for months, but keep forgetting to take them!) … drinking water makes me ‘gip’ (there’s a pommie/Yorkshire saying for ya!), and I’ve struggled with it, but I know it’s for my own good {shaking head with horror – I HATE plain water}.

The GREAT news this week is that my landlord is coming on Thursday morning to finally screw in the vent in my toilet (it fell down months ago, and still hasn’t been fixed – I’ve got a piece of cardboard shoved up there to try and stop 8-legged visitors, but it keeps moving with the breeze hmmm) … and best of all, I’m hoping he’ll be able to relight the ducted heating pilot light for me, so I can have HEAT once again in this icy flat woohoo!! I also asked if it’s possible to have extra hooks put up on the lounge and dining room walls, as I’d dearly love to have more of my embroidery and pictures on the walls (especially some Greek prints I have) … and lucky last, if it’s possible to have a cat here, if I make the decision to go down that track. I figure there’s no point in considering it more if it’s not allowed … (and Nicki, I forgot to mention, Sheree doesn’t like cats ‘cos they leave hair everywhere … another reason/”con” for flatting with her).

Which reminds me, there were a couple of comments I need to reply to …

Tannia – would love to go to the footy one day … I have to admit I’ve been to two Hawks games before I moved to Melbourne, but it’d be nice to see another game, and I think you definitely have to go with someone for it! Another friend is a HUGE Hawthorn fan and suggested I go with Dawn when they play in Launceston, so I can see a bit more of the country (actually, that would cross another state off my list too, just thought about that haha). If you let me know what team you barrack for, I can check the footy listings and see when my shifts would work against the game times 🙂

Ally – an “ice bar” is literally that … everything is made of ice – literally! The bar itself, the glasses (!!) … everything! You have to wear big fleecy coats and boots etc to go in, and you’re limited to the amount of time you can stay in there because it’s so cold, and it affects the way alcohol hits you – I’d love to do it just for the novelty of trying it. There’s an ice bar in Auckland (and I have a funny feeling one was opening here somewhere, but I’m not entirely sure on that) – Fraze and I tried to get in last time he came with me for Dad’s 70th, but we didn’t realise you had to make a booking, so missed out. All I have to do now is find someone who’s daft enough to come do it with me! LOL.

And because there are no piccies to share, here’s a photo sent by my best friend in NZ … welcome to the world Jayden Ross! He was born 17 June at 8lb 5oz … I’m not a baby person, but he is cute … and will be even better in two years time LOL (those who really know me, know me well enough to know how I feel on that score LOL).

2 thoughts on “Amendment to 101 Things”

  1. Do try Sudoku, I am totally addicted to them. We find those in free daily papers around here and many websites have some also.

    I admired your 101 things list, I wouldn’t know where to start mine. I do have to admit that winning the lotto would be fun. 😉

  2. What a cutie Jayden Ross is! I absolutely adore your Indigo Rose pinkeep btw, what gorgeous colours and beautiful finishing. I need to buy myself a skein of that NN. Thanks for your comments in my blog the other day, I’ve been following your blog for a while now, and I’m always so happy when I see you’ve updated it. You’re an evil enabler, though. 😉

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