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Nearly caught up …

… on blog reading, that is! I just have 5 more of my favourite blogs left to catch up on, which will take some time as I will be ploughing through the archives … I can’t believe how far behind I managed to get so quickly – and it just seemed so overwhelming every time I thought about catching up, so I ended up leaving it even longer … well, this week my mission was to catch up again before I’m allowed to pick a needle back up, and it’s been working so far – I’ve been on 3pm shifts, and still waking up relatively early, so I’ve had chance to read a few blogs each morning … one more day should see me caught up yippee!! 😀

So, no stitching yet again – which means it’s back to the Stitching Memes as a back-up to keep it in stitching mode … plus I’ve decided to answer some of the old archival SBQ questions from before I started subscribing. Here goes …

From the SBQ Arvhives:

“What are your thoughts on craft and/or needlework shows? Have you beento one or are you planning on going to one this year?”

I love them – I attended a Stitch & Craft one here in Melbourne the first year I moved here, which I had a bit of spare cash, and loved it – since then funds have been tighter, or shifts haven’t worked out, but I intend to return again. I also attended a Heart of Cross Stitch festival in Sacramento, CA and adored it – had some exceptional teachers, and bought LOADS of stuff to bring home (different job = bigger salary = huge spending spree, ah the good old days LOL). I’m very keen to attend CATS in Hershey next year, if I can get the funds together – it would be an awesome chance to meet some fellow bloggers, as well as soaking up that stitching atmosphere. Carol has invited me to come to another Retreat in May, but I’m not sure if I could get the $ together for it … Hershey’s timeframe could be more realistic … but if not next year, there’s always the year after, right? 😀

And from the Stitching Meme Archives:

“Do you visit other stitching blogs? If so how often and do you ever leave comments? Name anything you have seen on other blogs that you like or think is well-done.”

Yes, I do visit other stitching blogs – I find them an absolute inspiration, and very very bad for enabling! 🙂 After having a hiatus from reading, I’m getting back on top of it again, and do try to leave comments often, as I know how nice it is to receive comments. There are too many things to list of things I’ve loved on other blogs, as there is something on every single one I read … otherwise they wouldn’t be on my favourites list 🙂

Thanks to all my fellow bloggers for sharing your world with the rest of us – you truly are an inspiration, and it makes the world a cosier and nicer place to be in! 😀

Now I’m off to pop sliced mushrooms in the crockpot for dinner, and thinking of heading to work early to go shopping for some glasses – I tried someone’s glasses on yesterday to see the TV at work, and it made a huge difference, so I think I need to do it … might help with my headaches, and stop me squinting at everything when I’m driving/watching TV hmmm (my script is only 0.5 so I thought of getting some el-cheapo ones from the chemist to tide me over immediately, then I’ll see how much it will cost to get some new lenses put into my frames that I’ve had for a few years but don’t use … I got them for stitching, but they actually don’t help at all). That will also be one thing ticked off my 101 checklist 😉

4 thoughts on “Nearly caught up …”

  1. I know what you mean about putting off the glasses thing Anne. I’m waiting for my NHS card to come through, so I can get everything free and they’re unbearably slow. I’m also looking at the possibility of contacts, but will have to see what the optician says.

    Have a great day.

  2. Good luck with your travel plans Anne, it would be awesome if you got to go to CATs (another long time ambition for me)

  3. The XS festival you went to in California sounded wonderful! I’d love to go to something like that. Maybe one day… I hope you make it to Hershey. Don’t forget the chocolates while you’re there!

  4. Its a challenge to keep up with all the great blogs out there! When I get behind and its catch-up time I just read what’s on the front page I don’t go any further back or I’d be forever trying to get ahead!

    If you can’t make Hershey you should try to make the CSNF in Toronto one year! (fall show is the best to go to)

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