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Stitching Meme

Seeing as I still don’t have progress to post (and probably won’t for quite a few days yet, as I’m going to concentrate on catching up on my blogs this week), here’s another archival stitching meme:

1. Do you enjoy backstitching?

2. Do you do it as you go or at the very end?

3. Does the amount of backstitching in a project influence your decision to stitch a pattern?

1. I don’t mind backstitching – I like the fact that it brings a piece to life in many cases … I wouldn’t say it’s my ‘favourite’ thing to do, but it doesn’t really worry me too much.

2. Depending on the design, and the way I feel at the time – sometimes I’ll backstitch as I go, and sometimes I’ll leave it until the end … it really does depend on my mood on the day.

3. Backstitching would never influence my choice of design – if I love the design, but it has 20 million backstitches in it, I’d still stitch it … likewise, if it has no backstitching at all, I’d stitch it – backstitching is just ‘part of the package’ and no influence whatsoever.

2 thoughts on “Stitching Meme”

  1. I’ve often wondered why people don’t like backstitching. It has never bothered me. Like you said, it brings a piece to life.

  2. Good answer. BSing just gets boring. When it is needed I will add it – the accents make the project.–>

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