101 Things

OK, I finally pulled my finger out and completed this tonight … and realised I’m just in time to actually start this tomorrow, 1 July – awesome!! So, here goes … the list of the century (for me, anyway) – it will be interesting seeing if I can get things crossed off in time 😀

The Mission: Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria: Tasks must be specific (ie no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie represent some amount of work on your part).

Start Date: 1 July 2006
End Date: 28 March 2009 (thanks Jenna for working those out and saving me the time LOL)

1. Finish a Teresa Wentzler design
2. Try a new embroidery technique at least once a year
3. Spend at least 3 days a week doing some form of stitching, even if only 10 minutes a day
4. Complete a stumpwork piece by Jane Nicholas
5. Complete 3-4 charity quilt squares every year
6. Complete a Chatelaine design
7. Join in with a needleroll SAL once every month
8. Learn how to make a flat-fold finish
9. Learn how to make a tuck pillow
10. Learn how to make a quilted wallhanging
11. Learn how to dye my own floss and fabrics
12. Make an inventory of my embroidery fabrics
13. Organise my embroidery stash better (eg get some Ikea drawers/bookshelves etc)
14. Get a display unit for my embroidery smalls
15. Make a quilt for my bed
16. Make a mosaic top outdoor table
17. Stitch at least one Christmas ornament every 1-2 months
18. Stitch a design by Just Nan
19. Stitch a design by Drawn Thread
20. Stitch a piece of Hardanger
21. Try stitching a piece of Schwalmwork
22. Go the Victoria Embroiderers Guild at least once every two months
23. Keep my stitching journal and photo album updated every month
24. Attend a Stitching & Craft needlework show in Melbourne

25. Learn to make cappuccinos on home coffee machine
26. Have people round for dinner at least once every 6 months
27. Try a new cocktail once a month
28. Cook at least one recipe out of every cookbook I own
29. Do some sort of baking once every two months
30. Use breadmaker at least once every two months
31. Cook from a new recipe at least once a month

32. Travel to Perth
33. Travel to Ayers Rock
34. Travel to Hong Kong
35. Visit Coffs Harbour and buy pottery mugs by my favourite potter
36. Fly business class on an international flight
37. Go to CATS in Hershey
38. Travel to Canada and visit Dad’s side of the family
39. Have a photo taken with the tigers at Dreamworld
40. Visit every Australian state at least once
41. Drive from Melbourne to Coffs Harbour up the East Coast
42. Visit Sydney
43. Visit New Zealand

44. Go to an AFL game
45. Go hot air ballooning
46. Go to the theatre
47. Go to the ballet
48. Go out for breakfast to a café once a month
49. Go to the movies at once every 6 months
50. Go to the Melbourne Museum
51. Visit the Immigration Museum
52. Go to an “Ice Bar”
53. Meet some more of my online blogging pals face-to-face
54. Take a ferry ride from Southbank to Williamstown
55. Go 4-wheel adventure driving
56. Go up to the Observation deck of the Rialto building
57. Watch at least one new, previously unseen, movie every fortnight

58. Read at least one fictional book every 6 months
59. Read a book of poetry
60. Read at least one non-fiction book every year

61. Learn how to build a website/blog myself
62. Learn to use Microsoft Access database
63. Learn basic French
64. Learn how to use my Nikon digital camera properly
65. Take, and complete, a new class at least once a year (eg correspondence course or physical class in any subject)
66. Learn basic woodworking skills
67. Take a basic HTML course

68. Lose at least 20kg
60. Start doing yoga at least once a week
70. Complete a body combat session at least once a week
71. Drink water daily
72. Listen to music at least an hour every week
73. Go for a bike ride around the bays
74. Manage to wear a size 16 top
75. Go out walking at least 3 times a week
76. Do a walking track (eg Milford Track)
77. Take multivitamins every day

78. Sell something on Ebay
79. Put curtains up in lounge and fix curtains in main bedroom
80. Sell Nikon SLR camera bodies
81. Try a SuDoku puzzle
82. Start up photography again
83. Get an iPod
84. Plant a herb garden in pots … and keep it alive!
85. Have a proper bra fitting, and buy some pretty matching lingerie
86. Buy a new 3-piece lounge suite that I will want to sit on and use, and make my home environment more inviting
87. Blog at least 3 times a week (both writing and reading)
88. Get a new UK passport
89. Get my duck watercolour painting framed and hanging on a wall
90. Be better at remembering birthdays and special events – send a birthday card/email at least once a month
91. Get a facial with eyelash tinting and brow shaping at least once every six months
92. Get new glasses for driving
93. Clean out my wardrobe leaving only those items that make me feel good and give me pleasure to wear
94. Organise a RAK at least once every 6 months
95. Keep the dining table free of clutter every week
96. Finish unpacking and get rid of clutter in spare bedroom
97. Get a piece of stitching or artwork framed once every year

98. Pay off my credit cards
99. Start a separate savings account and put away $50 every month

100. Update this list every month
101. When 1001 days are up, update this list and start the process all over again 😀

8 thoughts on “101 Things”

  1. Hi Anne, what’s an “ice bar”, it sounds like something we could do with here in Cyprus……… and RAK, I don’t know that one either. Schwalm is a great idea, I love Schwalm, both embroidery and the place (beautiful museum). Regards, Ally

  2. You can do it! I’ve been thinking about setting up one of these for a while – maybe I should just get my act together and do it! 🙂

  3. Let me know when you’re free – LHM and I will take you to the footy – no worries 😉

    What a great list – I wish you every success 🙂


  4. All the best with your 101 things in 1001 days!

    The Milford Track is high on my wishlist of things to do too. Fiordland is such a stunning area (my waterfall blog background was taken at Milford Sound).

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