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Ducks Round Robin

Just a quick note for Leslie – the duck square I’m stitching is from the Stoney Creek afghan series called “Wings of the Wild” … you can still buy the back issues from Stoney Creek – here’s the link to the right page, so you can see the details of the aghan. I’m also duck crazy, so I could just about tell you every duck design ever made (and probably have at least half of them in my stash haha).

Nothing else to report, except that I’m very very grateful my shift has finished (it’s now 5.55am and I’ve just walked in the door … so I’m waiting 10 minutes for my blanket to warm up a bit). I usually love the night shift, but I’ve really struggled with these ones – I’ve only just started coming right after my cold/virus, and after a really stressful first shift my throat has been killing me, with a dry cough, and what feels like the onset of an infection … hence the reason I’ve struggled for the next two nights. Fingers crossed it won’t escalate any further, and I can nip it in the bud during my days off 🙂

And just to keep my fingers moving for a couple more minutes, here’s an ‘old’ stitchers meme to fill in a gap …

1. What types of stitching and design styles appeal to you most?
2. What types and styles don’t appeal?

1. I like designers with bright and vibrant colours, and those with extra accents such as beading and metallics. I also love designs with different stitches that add a nice variety to the stitching. I’m not overly keen on pastels for stitching myself (especially pinks), but like to see the finished articles stitched in them. I’m taking more of a liking to quaker designs, and stitching smalls. To be honest I have a pretty eclectic taste in designs and designers – it’s easier to answer the next question …
2. I dislike country or folk designs, and really don’t like historical samplers at all. There you go, that was easy! 😀

OK, my bed should be warmed up a bit by now, so off to beddy-byes again for another night … um, I mean “day” ;P

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