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Thoughtful 24 hours

Last night I sat reviewing my blog habits, and wondering whether I should change the way I post, or the way my blog is set up. What started this is that I received a request on my home email via this blog, for a work-related issue, asking for a favour to fix something for them … To be honest I felt quite shocked that this should happen, as it was an intrusion bringing work into my personal life … I mulled over whether I talk about my work too much, or do I give too much detail, perhaps I shouldn’t talk about work at all … but then again, it is a large part of my life – I didn’t think I give too many details, but perhaps the limited amount I do write is too much? I also considered removing my email address from my blog profile … and may still do this – but then again, part of me thinks I shouldn’t have to change things. I’m not sure why this small action has made me feel so uncomfortable … but after all, this is a personal blog, and I am a person just like everyone else, and I’m sharing all facets of my life for those who care to read – especially family that are offshore and interested in all aspects of my life. Like most people, I work for a living to pay my bills … but when I leave work at the end of the day, I don’t take it home with me, and I felt shocked to have it delivered to my doorstep. I still feel uncomfortable a day later … I don’t know why, but I do … It wouldn’t have been too bad if it was from someone I’d already built a rapport with via our mutual blogs … Perhaps I’m more sensitive to it due to being tired from my shifts … Anyway, moving on …

I’m on the homeward stretch of my ducks RR – I was hoping to get it finished today, but I ended up sleeping in until midday after not getting to sleep until 2am (I just love trying to get back into a routine after night shift haha), then lay in bed reading Dean Koontz until 2.30pm … oops, there went a big chunk of my stitching time today! I have about 2 hours left before I head out the door for a dinner near work … but hopefully I’ll have the final piccie to share some time tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s an archival Stitching Meme question to close:

1. What is your favorite count and type of fabric?
2. Do you use hand-dyed or tried them at all?
3. Any favorite fabric colors, hand-dyed or regular?
4. Have you tried opalescent fabrics and do you like them?

1. Favourite count is 32ct, and love linens, but also love Lugana evenweaves – not overly fond of Jobelan, although I have some in my stash to use up. Am stitching on 36ct for the first time with the Bordeaux Mystery Sampler, and enjoying it so far, so I might try some more of the higher count linens in the future.

2. Yes, I’ve recently started using hand-dyed fabbies – again, I prefer linens though as I find the Lugana hand-dyeds tend to be harder to stitch on as the holes appear smaller to me. I bought a custom piece of Lugana for Egyptian Garden Mandala, but I just couldn’t find the holes easily, got fed up and ended up ordering another piece in linen instead.

3. Favourite colours, hmmmm … not yet – I like the more neutral colours, as I guess they’re more versatile, but I don’t really have one clear favourite yet.

4. I tried an opalescent fabric for the Love needleroll ornament by Jeannette Douglas, and I love it – I’m also stitching Egyptian Garden Mandala on an opalescent Belfast, and like that too.

12 thoughts on “Thoughtful 24 hours”

  1. Hi Anne, I’m afraid there seem to be some people in this world who have no concept of the boundaries between personal and professional life……. or maybe it’s just another of those people who think that you are all powerful and control everything including the weather! I’m always amazed by your work stories, and don’t know how you have the patience to deal with some of the people that you have to. I guess in the end, the real issue is consideration for others……. I’d be tempted to ignore the request, if they ask through the work channels for a favour, fine, but I think finding a home email and using it for a work request is highly intrusive. Just my two cents worth…. all the best, Ally.

  2. I guess I’m lucky I work with a bunch of male computer geeks – I can’t even begin to imagine them reading my blog. LOL!! Seriously, though, I am sorry you feel violated by the professional contact in your private space. It’s hard to understand just where the boundaries lay.

  3. I just stumbled on your blog today, and I had to post because that happened to me, and a lot of my stuff was so personal that I deleted my old blog imediatly. I regret doing that a little now, but I know what you mean about feeling violated!

  4. I understand why you feel shocked and violated. This blog is your private space and you want it to remain that way. I hope you find a solution that works for you.

  5. Gah! That is some huztpa! I think Ally is right – some people have very little concept of personal and professional boundaries!

    My personal vote is you don’t change your entries – I get a kick out of visiting you and you almost always put a smile on my face!

  6. I agree with Ally – that was definitely an intrusion. I wouldn’t change the way you’re doing things, but maybe address the issue with the person that sent you the work request and let them know how you would appreciate it being handled in the future. Thanks for blogging – I enjoy checking and seeing how you’re doing.

  7. I agree – definitely an intrusion into your private life.

    I personally wouldn’t change your entries, unless you feel threatened in any way because you shouldn’t let someone’s thoughtlessness and rudeness dictate what you do. I would be tempted to delete the email and move on…and perhaps inform the person who asked that you only deal with work requests through the proper channels, i.e. at work!


  8. I second every word that Karen said. 🙂 Wise words from a wise woman!

    I hope you’ll be able to dismiss this from your mind soon. I know it was a distressing intrusion, but you should swat it off like a fly buzzing around your face. Give it one good smack and be done with it! 😉

  9. Hi Anne *hugs* that really suxs!!

    Hopefully the person who did that read your blog again and has now realized that everyone else thinks they are rude! LOL

    I agree with everyone else though, blogging is a great way to offload and get (usually) positive or helpful advice and you shouldn’t let that person dictate what you can and can’t do!

    I too enjoy reading your posts and I am usually flabbergasted at what some people can do and say, so I guess this shouldn’t surprise us…..? LOL

    Chin up and I hope that you come up with a happy solution soon…..


  10. Yikes! I can’t believe someone left a work related comment…. hopefully it is a one time thing… sigh…. If you change any habits, don’t let it be your fun personality, OK??

  11. Anne, you have every right to feel frustrated and I agree- they’ve definitely intruded into your personal space. Some people really have a lot of nerve, don’t they? Hope you feel better about this…

    Trying to keep up with blogging – it’s a struggle lately. Hope you are well!

  12. I love your blog Anne, why change it when so many get joy from reading your life and what you put into it.

    Some people just need a life.

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