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Last night shift yippee!

Can’t wait for tonight to all be over … it’s my final 9pm-5am shift, then I get three full days off to catch up on my sleep etc and get my body clock back into order (technically it’s 4 days off, but I won’t be out of bed until the afternoon tomorrow, so I don’t count that one). I haven’t had the energy to sit at my PC the last couple of days, so I’ve been sat working on my round robin piece. I haven’t been too stressed over the deadline for this one, as I knew I had this shift coming up, and I usually get plenty of stitching time in … so I can finally show a stitching piccie that’s worth seeing – with luck this will be ready to get in the mail by the middle of the week 🙂

Just a quick post before I head off to work again …

4 thoughts on “Last night shift yippee!”

  1. Super progress on your RR. Where are your duck patterns from. My sister loves ducks and I am always looking for nice duck patterns for her.

  2. It looks wonderful, Anne! Don’t forget to take a scan before you post it off, so we can see your lovely ducky square done. 🙂 Enjoy your well-deserved days off, my friend!

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