“Home Sweet Home”

That’s how I feel right now … tonight’s shift has been the worst one we’ve had in AGES! I managed to smile through the whole thing, but I feel absolutely exhausted, and my shoulders are killing me from all the tension they’re holding … the phones haven’t stopped all night, and it’s just been feral, for want of a better word. Three airports were closed due to fog, and people stranded all over the place, and we copped the brunt of it all trying to rebook people, and take their abuse when we can’t get them on a flight at the time they want etc … because we rule the weather, of course!! They’ve been offering overtime all night, and normally I’d jump at the chance of the extra money, but I just didn’t have the energy left to deal with it … and like the Supervisor said, we’ll need our energy resources for tonight, so no point pushing ourselves too hard.

So, here I am just for a couple of minutes while waiting for my electric blanket to crank up a tiny bit of heat … just enough to take the chill off the sheets will be plenty, then I hope to fall into an exhausted sleep. I usually struggle to get 8 hours sleep on this shift, and usually get quite a broken sleep, but fingers crossed I’ll sleep through this time … I need to get some decent sleep, ‘cos otherwise I’ll be stuffed when I get up, and I have important stitching to be done! 😉

I have to say today that I LOVED listening to the start of The Narrows book – it was wonderful! I really love the fact that it ties in characters from Blood Work as well, as that’s the only other book of Michael Connelly’s that I’ve read. For those that have commented, I can get limited books on tape at the library here, but the selection is a bit sad, and not many of the ‘main name’ authors – I’ve been hunting for The Narrows for a while, but no luck so far, and I’ve been aching to read it for months. I do have to admit I’ve been reading a book for the last week for about 1/2 an hour each night as I’ve been going to bed, but it’s a book that isn’t on my “must read” list, so I don’t mind dragging out the reading over a month or so – when I read my fave authors everything else in life stops, as I can’t put it down … hence the reason I don’t want to pick up a ‘good book’ right now, as I know my stitching commitments will well and truly go out the window … the book I’m reading is Dean Koontz’ “Seize the Night” – I’ve never read his books before, and I’m enjoying it so far … he has a very easy reading style, with a touch of humour to his characters, with a Stephen King style type of book theme.

Anyway, enough yapping – I’m off to take a chance on that blanket … it’s 5.45am, and beddy-byes, here I come!!!

4 thoughts on ““Home Sweet Home””

  1. Ah yes the joys of weather, I remember it well Anne. We used to get it in the neck too and believe me, they’re worse in the flesh.

    I hope you get a good sleep and that all your aches have vanished when you wake.

  2. I hope you were able to unwind and sleep well, Anne! Maybe by the time you return to work, the weather will be cooperative and everything is back to normal.

    It’s funny how some decisions are made for you sometimes, thinking of your flat dilemma. I think you’re on the right track saving some money towards the day when a suitable place is found. In the meantime, get out there and enjoy your neighborhoo!! 😀

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