Changes in the Wind …

… My mind is ticking over, and it has nothing to do with stitching … I’ve just spent the last 4 hours since coming in from work poring over rental accommodation website listings, and my mind is working overtime. The fact is one of the girls at work, who I like quite a lot, has had her flatmate move out, so she’s having to find somewhere else to live, and having a hard time finding a shared accommodation that she likes etc. Initially I thought “hmmm, perhaps an opportunity to share rent with someone” … then I dismissed it as I love living on my own most of the time. Anyway, I started reconsidering it again today, as there are many benefits, not only financial – that of extra company etc, and being able to afford a nicer place between the two of us etc. We haven’t had time to sit down and chat about it yet, but tomorrow we’ll take some time out and talk about it a bit, to see if it would be viable.

But it all got me thinking, and I’ve been online checking out 3-bedroom places that would be options for us … boy, oh boy, it beats my crummy little flat big time! Now don’t get me wrong – this place has served me well, but it’s far from being a perfect home … and I’m starting to think that I’d be better suited moving back to Box Hill again – I absolutely adore the location where I live, but that’s part of the reason I’m paying through the nose for a scummy little flat that’s had very little work done to it since the 1960’s hmmm. Well, I could actually pay the same amount of money and have a unit all to myself, where I could even have a little back yard or courtyard, as well as a kitchen that I’d actually like to cook in … and a separate laundry, rather than having the washing machine in the bathroom.

The more I think about it, the more it makes sense to me – I’d really miss the beach etc here, and being a stone’s throw from Acland Street cafes etc, but then again I’d save in travelling costs, and I’d be closer to my new friends Sharon and Gina … tonight it all seems like a bloody good idea – I guess I’ll have to see what daylight brings haha.

Regardless, I have another two months left on my current lease, so I’ve got plenty of time to mull things over and see if I really want to go through all the moving again … plus I’ll see what Sheree has to say tomorrow … Don’t know if I’ll be getting too much sleep tonight mulling everything over … Plus I’d also have to come up with about $2,000 up front again, with the moving costs on top ho-hum …

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  1. Hmmmmm, lots of pros and cons to consider. We’ve gone through a lot of this type of thinking over the last four years with our house. The kids are adamant about staying, so we’ve decided to put off thinking about selling for a few more years. It’s hard knowing what is the right thing to do, but am sure you’ll get it figured out! 🙂

  2. I’m sure you will make the right decision Anne. If you shared with this girl, does she like cross stitch? Living on your own, if you’re like me, you have a huge place for your stuff and it doesn’t all have to be put away for visitors.

    It does sound like you’d like to move to a nicer place though and one with a garden – well in those lovely hot summer days you could sit out and stitch 😉

    I was no help, was I??

  3. Sounds like you have some exciting things to consider 🙂 Do you feel you would get along well with her as your flatmate?

  4. Anne, I wish you well with coming to a decision. At least you have some time to consider the pros and cons and you’re not being rushed into anything.

  5. Isn’t is funny that in the last couple of days you have flitted through my mind and I have wondered whether you might be considering moving over this way again… I have walked to work looking at all the units thinking I wonder whether Annes would like this one… I don’t want to influence you – but it would be fun!!!! Although in saying that the rental seem to have risen in price too – please check it all out carefully first…

  6. Good luck with whatever you decide Anne.

    I remember Box Hill – I remember having to walk home from there to Doncaster once. I just can’t remember why!

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