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Seeing as I have nothing to post today (lost for words, that’s unusual for me!) – so I’ll do a couple of meme answers instead, then I’m off to put a few stitches into my ducks …

“What “rules” do you make for yourself regarding your stitching? (These can include finishes, starts, purchases, rotations, hours, fabrics, flosses, etc, etc..) “

Um … none really … unless outside influences come into play. As for finishes, I like to have them, but don’t stress if I don’t – I don’t limit myself to starting something new only if I finish “X” number of pieces first … I start what I want whenever I want, generally. I have been trying to stick to a rotation, and really love it, and manage to get a lot of progress done when I do stick to it … but again, if life gets in the way, I don’t stress too much (mind you, I’ve been physically aching to get back into it again). I try to stick to a 10-hour rotation. The only ‘outside’ influence to my stash enhancing would be lack of funds – otherwise I generally enjoy increasing my stash, even if I’ll never stitch it all … I get just as much fun from fondling my stash than the actual stitching 😀

“1. Have you ever participated in a SAL on one of the BB’s or with people in RL? How did it go?
2. If no, why not? and would you ever consider do so?”

Yes, I’ve signed up for a couple of SAL’s on the StitchingSmalls Yahoo group, but only participated properly for one of them … I was going great and really loving it until I fell behind, and could never find the time to catch up, so I kinda lost interest in it. This was my Marine Elegance piece – and to be honest, I tried picking it up again during my last Guild visit, but kept having to frog as I couldn’t see the fabric threads properly … it’s still laying down in disgrace in my bedroom … one day it’ll get done, though … Aside from that, I’m just starting an informal personal SAL with Carol for Bordeaux (Mystery) Sampler, and also about to start Strawberries So Faire with StitchingSmalls group … I really want to keep up with this one though! 😀

One SAL I did enjoy was a mystery sampler in Wessex stitchery that I did with the Counties Guild in Auckland … it was the first time I’d attempted a ‘mystery’ sampler (and a lot of specialty stitches), and the first time I’d ever attempted to choose my own threads – each month we were given about 3 different band choices, and we had to choose which band we wanted, then chose our own threads etc, and stitched our own samplers … I went a bit overboard and stitched almost every band, as I was really proud of the end result. Mum’s hopefully bringing it over with her on the next visit, as I really want it here with me 🙂 I chose the sayings to match some personal growth I was going through at the time – you can probably see the details if you click on each piccie 🙂 And it got top points for the night at show and tell that week yippee 😀

Well, that’s it for me for today – I’m off to do some stitching while watching Rove … 3pm start tomorrow, so I get a sleep in yippee 🙂

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  1. I’ve had a go at Wessex Stitchery and really enjoyed it. You did a great job on the band sampler – beautiful colour choices and I love all the different stitches – congratulations!

  2. Wow, Anne! That is an awesome band sampler. Very well done! You definitely need to have that work of art at home with you!

    Oh, and Wendy’s new designs are fabulous!

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