More thinking overnight …

… As I knew would happen, I had a broken sleep last night, and now feel like I haven’t slept – still mulling over all the pros and cons of moving vs staying etc. I have to admit, the main pros of sharing with Sheree is the financial differences – but then again, Sheree has a very high taste in accommodation, so the monthly rental overall will be higher (but of course split between the two of us, so still a general saving) … she was talking about paying $180 a week when she was looking at shared accom – and seeing as I’m paying $240 a week on my own, that’s a saving of $60 a week in rent on its own, and of course the phone etc would be halved too.

To be honest, though, my preference is still to live on my own – although with Sheree, she’s a shift worker at work as well, so you’d get a lot of time to yourself still. It would also be nice company occasionally … but in answer to your question, Heather, no she doesn’t XS and is a different personality, probably partly due to the age difference – there’s 10 years difference in our ages, and she’s a ‘party animal’ and out dating all the time – so I’d probably have to put up with having people over regularly … which isn’t necessarily all bad, but I’ve got used to having quiet time in my home hours, I guess.

I also think she wants an apartment building again, with security doors and secure parking – whereas there are some things about apartment living I like, I’ve recently been considering the cons about it as well … perhaps another reason why I was quick to start looking at options of moving as well. I love the security – especially on the 3rd floor, I have no problems with people breaking in through the windows etc. And while I have a parking spot at the back of the building, I have to admit I’m getting sick of having it covered in possum poo all the time! LOL. The main thing that I’ve been thinking about is that you’re at the mercy of other tenants … in that if someone leaves something electrical on by accident, the whole place goes up in flames, even if you’re always really careful. It’d also be quite nice to be able to do a huge pile of shopping and stock up, without having to take 50 trips up 4 flights of stairs …

If it was for the accommodation alone, I’d jump at the opportunity of moving to a single level unit. The thing that’s really tugging at me to stay (and the only thing) is the location, and how it makes me feel here. I love coming home – I love to see the lorikeets flying overhead every night when I’m home, and I love knowing I’m so close to the beach, even if I’m not spending time there. It’s also lovely knowing I’m so close to the cafe society at Acland Street … it’s awesome to wander up with visitors and spend the day – but then again, I don’t go there as often as I could on my own …

Then again, I miss being close to a really good supermarket – Coles at Elsternwick is appalling, so I end up buying most of my groceries at Safeway in Camberwell before driving home. I do miss some of the asian restaurants at Box Hill, though.

I’d already said to Mum etc earlier that I’d do my 12 months here, and then decide whether I should move back out east to save money … so I guess the time is up to start thinking about it … if I move out with Sheree, I don’t have much time to decide – but if I move out on my own, I have leisure on my side (as long as my agent doesn’t put the rent up … he originally wanted $265 a week for this place, but no-one was renting it – the owner took on a new agent, who got him to drop the price, and I was lucky enough to be the first to look at it and grabbed it rightaway).

Anyway, better start getting organised for the day … I’ll have my thoughts hopefully more in place after talking to Sheree … 🙂

6 thoughts on “More thinking overnight …”

  1. Hope you make a decision that you’re happy with before too long – it’s really hard having things a bit up in the air about where you’re going to live 🙂

    By the way, does Sheree like cats?!

  2. Lots of decisions for you Anne. I hope you don’t lose too much sleep over it and that you can relax and enjoy your weekend.

  3. It’s always hard for me to decide whether to move, I seem to get dug in wherever I go. 😉 I hope you find something that really works great for you! Good luck! 😀

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