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After this week, my flat is an “enabling-free zone” … thanks to KarenV, I’ve fallen in love with yet another chart, and have had to place an order … for the Lavender Rose Sewing Case by Fancy Works. I have to admit I was umm-ing and ahh-ing until I saw these two latest releases today by Wendy Causer, of Wendy K C Designs – Bee’s Garden and Summer Hearts … well, that was the deciding factor, as I can now justify the postage cost. That means I’m officially back on the stash wagon again … unless I need a specific fabric or thread to complete a “must do” design, I’m not buying any more charts until my birthday … that’s right, no more charts until at least February. I’m getting the Mystery Bits each month now from SB&B, which are only for threads on my wishlist, so that’ll keep me in stash heaven every month until then 🙂

Thanks to Nicki’s generosity, and a top up from myself (due to an extra fortnight’s pay yippee), I had a major Drawn Thread stash fest in the last SB&B back order, as well as receiving my Designing Ladies finishing instructions for the Stitching Leporello (thanks again Nicki!), TW’s Tropical Dream and Just Nan’s Beach Roses – lucky last, I also received LHN’s Coffee House Menu … not my usual style, but I just love this one stitched up 🙂 So, finally two weeks after returning home, here’s the last stash photo, seeing as there are no stitching piccies again today (a whole lot of basting isn’t too exciting to show you, and that’s all I got done yesterday). The Drawn Thread charts are For the Birds, Sunflower Bellpull, Little Learning Band – The Acorn Sampler, Autumn Arbor, and It’s Halloween … now you can see why it’s easy to go on a stash diet! 😀
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11 thoughts on “More enabling …”

  1. Those sewing cases are adorable! And that is quite a haul, but it is never easy to go on a stash diet LOL. Happy Stitching!

  2. Wow wonderful stash, heard the bump from here when you fell off the wagon, I’m real envious of your wonderful DT stash haul – can’t wait to see the finishes.

  3. oh gee Anne, you’re so naughty posting these pics, here I was thinking I’d be on the wagon now after my lastest spurgle but oh no!! the sewing cases are lovely, hadn’t seen them before. Isn’t Beach Roses really nice, I have been wanting to fit in somewhere for ages now, I just need to stop joining exchanges and finish some wips, lol. Enjoy your day!

  4. Wonderful stash! Coffee Menu is one of my favourites too – it seems to appeal to a lot of people. And those sewing cases are just beautiful.

    No need to thank me by the way – you did that already 🙂

  5. Great stash haul! If you’re going to fall off of the wagon, you may as well fall hard 🙂

    Love the Lavender Rose Sewing Case, and I was drooling over the Wendy KC Designs pieces earlier today when I saw her post on the smalls board. Oh my…we may have to have a SAL!!

  6. Anne, what are you doing to me! Love all your new stash and it’s so tempting to order Wendy’s new designs! I know her from the Victoria Sampler cyberstitchers board. My stitching time is so limited, but there are soooo many designs I want to work on.

  7. Yay! Blogger is letting me comment today :

    Love your new stash! Glad that I could be of service with the enabling too LOL! 😉

    Those dolphins (in your previous post) are looking lovely – great progress Anne!

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