“They’re baaaaack!!!”

No, it’s not yet another re-run of Poltergeist … but the return of the Dratteds 😀 I felt absolutely miserable and sorry for myself today, so I cheered myself up with starting my rotation again – I didn’t think I’d ever say the Dratteds would bring me so much joy, but it was definitely what the doctor ordered. I sat all day with my bung knee, bunged up and intermittently dripping nose, and heavy eyes due to lack of sleep (add to that a certain monthly visitor showing its head today hmmm) and stitched my little heart out … and I enjoyed every minute of it. My eyes are now like little squints, but fingers crossed I’ll sleep better tonight.

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I worked on the Dratteds (and any of my rotation, for that matter) – it was December last year since they saw daylight … so I’ve decided to do a ‘before and after’ shot to see the progress 🙂 Basically the entire left hand side is now 100% finished yippee. I’d dearly love to see them finished before year end, even if none of my other goals are met … hopefully it will happen … As they say in Arabic, “imshallah” (God willing) 🙂


16 thoughts on ““They’re baaaaack!!!””

  1. Wow, I’m impressed by your progress of the day and they are looking really great! I hope you’ll get better soon…

  2. You’ve made excellant progress! Though a bit horrid that it had to be under such dire circumstances. Get well soon. And you tell that cardinal he’s not welcome and to bugger off.

  3. These dolphins are slowly emerging! you are making great progress Anne!
    I am worried about all that stash you are buying…..lol
    when are you going to stitch all those?? 😉

  4. I am so proud of you for bringing them out of hybernation, and we all thought that only bears and the like hybernate, but nope, in Annes world…so do dolphins!!! =) It is looking GREAT!!!! Keep it up!
    sorry to hear you’ve been sick and hurt your knee!

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