WTC Quilt started

Had a bit of a panic attack last night while stitching the first part of my WTC quilt panel … I was under the impression there were supposed to be 18 names on each panel, and hadn’t checked my list before, but then I was counting them up to work out roughly how long it will take me to complete the stitching … only to find 17 names! Yikes!! I then spent the next 1/2 hour combing through my emails to find the original list, and checking my chart, to find yes there were only 17 … quickly sent an email off to the organiser to find out if there was an error before I got too much further, and thankfully got a quick response back again this morning – my panel has indeed only got 17 names on it … phew! I only managed to get 3 names done last night, and will spend some more time on it today – I hope to get at least another 6 names done today.

Loved my TV viewing last night – and I had the added bonus, that I forgot the new series of Amazing Race started, and the first episode was on my video – yippee … I love that programme 🙂

OK, off to stitch again now … and watch that Adam Sandler DVD …

But quickly, before I go, for StitchieKiwi (and anyone else that’s interested) – I use Newsgator now for all my blog reading. There are probably other sites that do the same thing, but I found this one after Von mentioned it, and I’ve used it ever since. Once it’s set up with all your favourite blog links, you can click on a box to only show unread feeds – it has all the blogs showing unread items in a list, and you can either click on each blog name individually, or on “my feeds” which shows every post in date order of being received. More than happy to give you more info if you want to email me … shakatak at iinet dot net dot au 🙂 I helped someone else out recently with the same thing, so I can just about do a copy and paste for you 😉

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