WTC Quilt update

A reasonably good stitching day today, with 11 names out of 17 stitched on my World Trade Center quilt panel. Sorry to say, the Adam Sandler movie was appallingly bad, and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone … unfortunately there have only been a couple of AS movies I’ve enjoyed, and this is definitely not one of them. So, I had no choice but to put on some movies of my own to wash that bad movie out of my mind – and continued stitching to Lost World (Jurassic Park 2), Mystery Alaska, Shall We Dance, and Ransom … yup, a real movie fest with a mix of every genre – I now have square eyes, and thinking of calling it a night … well, maybe I’ll try to get one more quilt name done … now to find the final DVD to listen to … ;P

Addendum … Well, I did indeed manage to get a bit more stitched – 2 1/2 names in fact, which means I only have 3 1/2 left to do in total, yippee 🙂 Ended up watching You Got Mail on TV, so stayed up a bit longer than I expected due to adverts etc – that’s one thing I can say for DVD’s, it’s great uninterrupted viewing.

Tomorrow I have to do the vacuuming after I come home from work – I was supposed to do it today, but stitched all day instead hmmm. But tomorrow I really HAVE to do it … you see today I did an impression of Little Miss Muffet – except in my case the ultimate horror of my existence was dangling from the ceiling in the middle of the lounge. I almost died of heart failure when I almost walked right into it on the way to the TV … at least it wasn’t one of Aussie’s famous huntsman spiders, but that was quite big enough, thank you very much!! If you’re reading Mum, it was bigger than that one that was one the wall in the dining area … for me it’s like something out of a horror movie – and for any spiders coming into my home, it’s a pure suicide mission … it’s the only one of earth’s creatures I have absolutely no compunction to harm. So tomorrow I have to rid my lounge of its curled up form … gives me goosebumps just thinking about it! Guess it’s time to do the rounds of the flat’s windows and vents with surface spray again … Spider

14 thoughts on “WTC Quilt update”

  1. You got a lot of names done in a short time – nice! One more day and you should have it done…

    Which AS movie was it? Just so I can avoid it. I find his movies are hit or miss. Some are hilarious (Wedding Singer), some would have been better not made (Little Nicky).

  2. Hey little miss muffet! =) wow! yOu really did do a stitch a thon there all day, with all those movies, you even watched my ultimate favorite! “You’ve got mail!” I love that movie, along with Sleepless in Seattle!
    Well, I hope your house remains spider-less from here on out! My issue here in Texas are roaches, not the big kind they have in New York, but they are still pretty icky! well, I hope you have aspiderless , but stitchful weekend!

  3. WOW that WTC quilt must have taken some organising. I admire everyone who has stitched for it. I can’t wait to see it all together in all its glory. Amazing.

    I’m not too bad with spiders, I don’t like them really big, but they do see the bottom of a shoe most of the time!!!

  4. Spiders give me the horrors. Thankfully, they don’t usually get that large here.

    You’ve made amazing progress with your WTC project!!

  5. Hi Anne! Great progress on the WTC square, and that is so nice that the coordinator is quick to reply to a question. My family was just talking about the movie ‘Water Boy’ with Adam Sandler. We enjoyed watching that one, but his movies are pretty corny for sure! I’ll just not bother getting Punch Drunk Love though.
    So, what will be your next WIP after the WTC square??

  6. Anne, you are ripping through the WTC project!!
    I was afraid the AS movie might be a bad one. The two I really like of his have been more recent, so perhaps he’s maturing on several levels! We can hope. 😀
    Good luck with your cleaning tomorrow – and with the spiders. They are a constant problem here.

  7. Ugh! I am terrified of spiders! Thankfully we only have teeny tiny ones here in Iceland. And none of them are dangerous at all. I still hate them though :-/

  8. I couldn’t ever live in Australia. LOL. Your WTC panels are coming along well, I too will look forward to seeing them all together.

  9. I see we both were stitching my double ‘n’s at about the same time! Spooky. Mine is on the border of my round robin.

  10. Sounds like my day yesterday – stitching and movies (all girly ones for me, though) – great sedentary way to spend the day!! 🙂

    What AS movie was it? I don’t want to waste any time with it either!

  11. Your panel looks great! 🙂 I’m with you on the spiders. Just thinking about them gives me the shivers.

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