My blog challenge is complete!

I woke up this morning with a new challenge in mind … I just couldn’t seem to keep on top of my blog reading, with trying to catch up on unread old posts, as well as all the new posts coming in continuously – last night my unread feeds were back up to over 300 again … so today I decided enough was enough – I refused to move my bum off the computer chair until I had read every single feed! OK, admittedly, my bum did move every now and then for sustenance … and it’s a good thing I live on my own, ‘cos the place smells disgustingly of blue cheese and pickled onions – I had my very own little wine and cheese afternoon … just without the wine LOL … followed by watermelon and now a mug of coffee … I think perhaps the wine might come later, though ;P

I have to admit, I do now have a slight headache again, but I’m hoping it will pass – the key thing is that after approx 8 1/2 hours sat in front of this PC screen, my unread blog feeds sit at a big fat “0” … WOOHOO!!! It’s actually quite a relief to finally get on top of things – and with today being such a hot day inside, it hasn’t been great stitching weather, but perfect to sit in front of the electric fan and read blogs. As always all the work I’ve seen has been inspirational, and there are yet more designs to be added to my wishlist … yikes.

Tonight I do intend to strike up a needle finally – and get a start made on my WTC quilt … my thread finally arrived for my Marine Elegance piece, but I’m a bit disappointed in the colour as it’s a totally different batch – and I ordered extra lengths to make sure I have more for future hardanger projects I’d like to use it for … oh well, I’m sure it will come in handy – at least it’s still my favourite colours, just in a kind of ‘pastel version’ of them ;P I’m so far behind with my Marine Elegance, I want to make sure I get my commitment stitching out of the way first as it will take some time to catch up.

Last night I turned my lounge room around furniture-wise … my old flat is breaking up and flatmates all going their separate ways (I’ll refrain from commenting on that scenario), which means I have my chair returning from my 3-piece lounge suite. It’s a ratty old thing that Fraze’s Dad found for us at a garage sale for $150, complete with fold-out bed settee (which is sooo comfy, it’s great – shame the sofa itself isn’t as comfy haha) – anyway, when I moved out from the old flat, it pretty much left a ‘shell’ as almost all of the things there belonged to me … Andrew had a sofabed, and that was all, and there were going to be 3 of them living there, so they asked if I’d leave them one of my chairs – I agreed, for Fraze’s sake, seeing as I was living on my own I could live without it for a while … so now I have to make room for it to arrive – the sofa is now on the opposite wall to where it was, and the two chairs will sit against the other wall, with my stereo hopefully fitting inbetween the two chairs, on the little table – in another week’s time when the chair arrives I guess we’ll soon find out if it will fit or not haha.

Anyway, off to finish my coffee – and drag out the fabric and scroll bars … with this week’s episodes of Lost and ER on video to watch (‘cos I was busy watching the other channel while they were on – thanks Fraggle for helping me set my videos up, it’s awesome!!) – after that, I have a DVD to watch … “Punch-Drunk Love” with Adam Samdler. With any luck I may even have a progress piccie tomorrow … maybe … ;P

8 thoughts on “My blog challenge is complete!”

  1. Orrrrr can I come watch Lost and Er. I really miss my fix. Cheese and wine sounds goooood tooo. Have a good one. Anne L

  2. I also tried to catch up on all my blog reading (3 weeks worth) in one night. It felt good to have it done. 🙂

    Isn’t that a disappointment about the fiber that was a different shade? I’ve had that, too… ONS will never really replace LNS for that kind of thing.

  3. Yikes, I think my butt would have fallen asleep. LOL I hope the headache gets better.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Good for you, Anne! That’s a real accomplishment to get all those blogs read. It’s practically a full-time endeavor!
    Looking forward to seeing your progress pics! Have a great weekend. 😀

  5. Hi Anne! I’ve slacked with my comments lately … soooo …

    Happy Birthday!
    Sorry you feel bad ((hug))
    Glad you feel better 🙂
    Love your latest ornament finish!
    enjoy your telly/DVD/stitchie day!

    (and I do mean those sincerely … I feel bad that I got behind so much).

    I might email you later and ask you about how you get your updates so that you know what you have left to read.

    Enjoy your day 🙂

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