Stash haul arrived!

Woohoo, my stash from my shopping splurge of moooooonths ago has finally turned up today … and even though I feel bad about breaking the bank (literally) with these babies, it’s hard to feel bad for long as they’re just gorgeous ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s hard to see what everything is in the photos, so I’ve posted a list underneath.

  • Tulip Accessories by Beardie Designs (want to change the colours, though)
  • In the Dark needleroll & scissors fob by Lena Rose
  • Wildberry Petals needlebook by Lena Rose (again, I’ll change the colours)
  • Bunnies in the Garden by With My Needle (for a 2006 SAL)
  • Summer at the Ocean by Jeannette Douglas (dying to stitch this as a needleroll!)
  • The French Garden by The Drawn Thread
  • Boo! Scissors Fob & Purse by The Drawn Thread
  • The Golden Garden ‘Sweet Bag’ by FMNIS
  • Silken Roses fob Teenie Tweenie by The Sweetheart Tree
  • Cherry Blossoms fob Teenie Tweenie by The Sweetheart Tree
  • Christmas Ornaments by Judy Odell/Just a Thought (bit disappointed with this on first glance)
  • 32ct lambswool linen by Wichelt
  • 32ct black Belfast linen (for Strawberries So Faire SAL)
  • Poinsettia Gloriana silk (for Strawberries So Faire SAL)
  • City of Bristol Brown overdyed floss by Olde Willow Stitchery (for Bunnies in the Garden SAL)
  • Remaining back-ordered little bulb buttons by JABC
  • MH leaf treasures for Summer into Autumn by The Drawn Thread

I’m not sure why SB&B sent me 6 each of the last 3 colours I was waiting for in the little bulb buttons, as I only needed 2 of each … but I’ve let them know by email. Maybe it was their way of saying thank you for waiting for soooooo long to receive them? – more likely just a simple error. I must say, though, I’m glad it’s finally arrived!

As far as stitching’s concerned, I managed to design the back of my gift piece last night (which I hadn’t got around to deciding on previously) – that took me an hour or two playing around with my XS software (while chatting to Mum on the phone), but I also managed to get about an hour’s stitching in it as well. I haven’t been commenting on many blogs at the moment, as I’m just trying really hard to get this piece finished and in the mail – hopefully by the end of the week I’ll be able to get back to blogging properly again ๐Ÿ™‚ I miss seeing what everyone is up to!

14 thoughts on “Stash haul arrived!”

  1. What a lot of stash. I am sure you will make good use of it. Well it is not long now and I will be in Melbourne then off to Adelaide. Happy Stitiching

    Anne L in Manila

  2. Wow, Anne! What an order!! How will you ever decide what to do first, then second, then . . . lol!! Think I’d be daydreaming over these for a long time.

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