Plans thwarted…

No stitching done tonight (or last night) – zip, zilch, nada … not one single stitch! So much for getting my gift piece finished … I have to admit, I was so over-tired last night, that I just vegetated for the night, went to bed early, and slept through the entire hour of my alarm this morning! Yikes!! So I was late for work, which very very rarely happens – in fact I think that’s happened twice in the 2 1/2 years since I moved here … must have been my body’s way of saying it needed more rest! Have to admit the early morning shifts, as much as I love them for whatever insane reason, I struggle after a few days of them – but tomorrow is the last one, then I have two days off yippee … but then I have 7 days of 5am shifts {heavy sigh} LOL.

I opted not to stitch on my gift piece last night/tonight mainly ‘cos of its history – it would be just my luck that I’d stitch something wrong and have to frog-stitch for yet another night … I wasn’t taking any chances! haha. I also spent a while chatting on the phone last night to a friend in NZ who gave me the news that she’s expecting another baby – it was lovely to catch up after such a long time.

Next week I dust off the Christmas tree ‘dress’ to wear into work … next year I think I’ll have to put some money aside and buy some portable lights for it – I think that’d be a hoot! I wore this to work here last year, after one of the Supervisors found out I had this wee outfit back home in NZ, and I had to order Mum to bring it over with her on one of her trips … I have to admit, it’s a real morale booster – I usually go out and buy big bags of lollies and hand them out round the office. So, that’s the piccie I’ll leave you with – a Merry Christmas photo from me to you (taken in the office last Christmas). I won’t have any stitching progress to post over the next couple of days – my mate Fraze just surprised me with a phone call tonight to say he’s decided he’s going to come round and stay with me tomorrow night (I suppose I should be glad for 24 hours notice LOL) – then Mum arrives early Thursday morning … I still hope to get my gift in the mail by Monday though πŸ™‚ Enjoy the rest of your week, if I don’t get chance to catch up before then … Thanks for the visits and lovely comments – you guys all rock!!
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  1. What an amazing dress! That really is a hoot! We could use someone like you in our office!! Geez, seeing a Christmas Tree wearing sandals still amazes me… it is only 10F here right, which to you tropical types is something well into the -C category!!! Thanks for the super cool pic!! Enjoy your time with Fraze and Mum!!

    I sent you an email – cool to have your email address now πŸ™‚

  2. Oh tooo fun!! Love the dress πŸ™‚ Silly holiday hats are my personal fav. I keep threatening to run around as Cindy Lou Who from The Grinch who stole christmas πŸ˜‰

  3. Anne, I LOVE your Christmas Tree dress! what a great idea! I think some little battery power lights would be just the thing! Have fun wearing it this year, tho it is weird to see Christmas with sandals! It’s sooooo cold here!

    Merry Christmas!
    Connie in Lacey

  4. Aren’t you a doll? Lol – What a great dress!

    I realized this morning reading a few of the bb’s I frequent that I hadn’t read your blog in a while – and for some reason you aren’t on my blogroll!! (Fixed now!!!) I didn’t realize how much I missed! I think you were only 30% done with your dolphins the last time I visited. Don’t worry – it won’t happen again! I promise to visit more often!

  5. LOL. I think I saw that photo somewhere a week or so ago when I was trolling. I even dragged Terry over to look at it. You are such a hoot! I would definitely spring for lights next year; will give it a whole new dimension. πŸ˜‰

  6. What a hoot Anne…you would fit right in at the Christmas Party I have along with my cousins on the 21st!!! We are always doing crazy things and having a blast! You would BEE the life of the party in that dress!!!!! YEP, I say spring for the lights!!

  7. Anne, I wish I could book you to come to my husband’s company Christmas party on Sunday night! Care to pop over? Oh ya, your mum is coming – bring her along!

    When I was working (ages ago!) there was a red-haired guy that ran the office machines/copiers, etc. that dressed as a leprecaun on St. Patrick’s Day. πŸ™‚ Sure made it a fun place to work – I’m sure everyone loves you and your antics!!

  8. Anne – What an amazing dress… Good on you… I wish you and your mum an amazing Christmas and hopefully we will catch up in the New Year… Have a safe one….

  9. cool dress Anne – what a great idea! do you think I could borrow it next Wednesday,lol! One of my staff members had this great idea that we could dress up for the last day of work before the holidays – oh joy!!

  10. Oh Anne,
    I love your dress!!!! I’ve never seen a dress like this before. It’s unbelievable πŸ™‚ And it put a smile on hubbies and my face. Did you sew it yourself?
    I really would love to wear a dress like yours on christmas eve πŸ™‚
    ((Hugs)) from Germany

  11. You are the prettiest christmas tree!

    I love your blog! yOur stitching really is an inspiration, and i have one of your WIP’s on my “To do” list for next year…the annoying gray, gray, gray dophins. πŸ™‚ did you ever get them finished? Good luck with them!
    Have a wonderful christmas!

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