Update on Dratted’s

Well, today my recliner has my bum imprint clearly embedded on it 😉 I’ve been super-glued to it all day stitching my little heart out. Actually, saying that, I’ve just realised it’s 11pm and I didn’t stop for dinner … oops! I’ve been having a DVD-fest today at Shackbuster, watching soppy movies such as Sleepless in Seattle, 50 First Dates and The Sixth Sense. I managed to complete one whole rotation segment in one day … plus a little bit more – seeing as I also put 4 hours into this piece earlier in the week, I’ll decide tomorrow whether I’ll continue for the next 4 hours to complete another rotation segment, or just start on my next rotation slot. Anyway, here’s the latest progress piccie of the Dratted’s … hopefully it will only be about another 2 rotation slots for them before I can cut the side lacings and move the fabric up on the scroll bars … yippee!

Rightio, off to bed for me … was going to sit and blog for a while to catch up on everyone’s blogs, but I might have to leave that until the morning – didn’t realise the time until I came to send this …

8 thoughts on “Update on Dratted’s”

  1. What a pity I didn’t drop into your blog an hour ago, Anne – we could have chatted online!! (Or even picked up the phone…). Your dolphins are looking great – I understand your feelings about the project, but won’t it be fantastic when it’s finished! If it was mine, I would not stint on dollars for framing it, after all that work.

  2. They are looking so good anne – I could be tempted – but I won’t be!!!! I was thinking about you yesterday – but perhaps I could sense the ‘do not disturb’ sign… What you describe – a whole day of stitching without interruptions – BLISS!!!! LOL… S -beyond ‘the blank page…’

  3. Oh Anne – they may be the Dratted’s, but they look fantastic!! I have lots of days like the one you describe – not fun when the bummy falls asleep, is it?

  4. Wow! The dratteds are really coming along! I seldom get a day as you described, but probably the closest are the visits to Boise when I can sit at my BIL’s, chat, watch a football game, and stitch – with no cooking responsibilities, just helping out :))
    Very sweet!

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