Nearly the weekend!

For me, I only have one more working day left tomorrow (Saturday), then I have two days off, and can’t wait! Been a so-so day today … didn’t get a great night’s sleep, which is mainly to do with me feeling a bit flat and very over-tired – we had yet another big thunderstorm during the night, so I had a pretty broken sleep. Mind you, I was still up at 7.30am and straight into work stitching on the Dratteds to make me feel more human – and loved it! Managed to get 2 hours stitching done on it … isn’t it amazing how much more quickly the needle flies when you’re really enjoying the stitching? Will be interesting to see if the enthusiasm continues for the next 8 hours of my rotation LOL. I’m now about to leave the ‘main’ dolphin behind, and head over to the right-hand side of the fabric – I want to finish all the top half of the chart before winding up the scroll bars, as I’ve got the sides laced, and I hate re-lacing them.

On a positive note I received the first of my long-overdue backorders today – from Wyndham Needleworks. I was very very disappointed to find out, though, that the 2001 JCS Christmas Ornament issue had sold out … wish I’d known that weeks ago when I ordered it – I was really disappointed when I opened the envelope, especially when no mention had been made of it in emails 😦 Oh well, the other charts etc were ones I needed for SAL’s etc, and the 2002 JCS Christmas ornie issue was there, and I have to say I love quite a few ornies in the 2002 one 🙂 The other charts I received were Strawberries So Faire and Quaker Needlework Treasures by With My Needle, and Quaker Swan Case by Fancy Work.
I also forgot to post I received my back-order from The Silver Needle at the start of the week too … I’d actually forgotten about my back order from them (!) – plus my back-ordered 32ct natural Belfast linen from Silkweaver, which also arrived earlier. Have to admit, I really love the colour of that linen … very very nice! The Silver Needle was just one JABC button for an ornament plus some MH crystal treasures and Kreinik braids for two projects I’m really keen to stitch – it now means I have everything in place for my MH stand-up Christmas tree woohoo!!!

And now it’s time to head off to bed again, after only being home an hour – want to try to wind down early, as they’ve just started up a party next door … at least my bedroom is on the opposite side of the apartment to the party … phew!

9 thoughts on “Nearly the weekend!”

  1. Parties and thunderstorms…don’t you just love it? And guess what – there is bound to be more of both. The weather prediction is for more storms tonight and tomorrow (Saturday) morning. As for parties…well, the silly season just gets sillier and earlier every year. The tribe of teenagers next door to us haven’t started yet, but I am sure they will…:-( Why should this year be any different to the last 10 years! Can’t wait for them to grow up and leave home, get pregnant, or whatever…

  2. What a bugger about JCS 2001! I’d be annoyed too. Nice stash haul though (whispers – I just got Stawberries so faire too). Do you think you’ll do it on black?

  3. Oooooo stash! Isn’t it just great to get stash?? I hear your point about Wyndham not alerting you about the 2001 Ornament issue – grrrrr!!!!

  4. wonderful stash!! I just received the 2002 JCS ornie issue myself…and 2000 as well. I’m really chomping at the bit to start something now.

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