Bye-bye Dratted’s

Managed to get a bit more of them done yesterday, but I’m ready to move on … they’re now being taken off the floorstand ready for the next slot in my rotation. It’s supposed to be my ‘finishing’ slot, but I had a pretty rough sleep last night, and my eyes are like road maps, so I think I might wait and leave that slot until the next time when I can concentrate better … and swap the next two slots around. That means I get to stitch on ‘free choice’ … and today’s choice is … The Drawn Thread’s Summer Into Autumn :)) I’ve got 6 days of 5pm-1am at work this week (yuk), but then I’ve got 5 days off, so I’ll be more energised to do my finishing work then I think.

Thanks for all your comments about the Dratted’s – I have to admit, they’ve grown on me again, and I’ve been enjoying watching them grow … still can’t wait until they’re finished, though 😉 Gina, in this case they’re definitely being framed – but not to hang on my walls … I offered my best friend as a wedding gift for her and John to choose a chart out of my stash, and I’d stitch it for them – and this is the one they agreed on. Little did I know back then just how hard I would find this one to stitch, and my joke of them getting it for their 10th wedding anniversary is starting to look like reality LOL. I’ll probably just send a money order or something to them, so they can get it framed locally, rather than me trying to organise framing for them (they live in the South Island of New Zealand). Hopefully they’ll be pleased how it finally turned out.

Thanks for the link to the stitch clips, Carol … I have to admit I own a set, and absolutely love them! Unfortunately, though, when I first had the Dratted’s on my scroll bars I only had a short sidebar available, and my floorstand has a clamp that sits on the left hand side of the sidebar, right where the little clips went, and it wouldn’t clamp properly (kept slipping) … hence the reason I laced it instead, which gives me really good tight tension. Can’t remember where I read about doing that – somewhere online, anyway 😉

I have to admit, I’m getting much more time for stitching since moving out on my own – at the last flat I was in, I did almost all of the cooking etc, while now I cook every now and then and the rest of the time just have to defrost (if I cook casseroles etc I just eat one meal then freeze the rest) … amazing how much time that frees up LOL. And Mum commented yesterday that while she’s here on holiday I should get even more stitching done, ‘cos she’ll be helping out with the housework etc … love ya, Mum!!

5 thoughts on “Bye-bye Dratted’s”

  1. Afraid my cooking has taken a back seat to other things in my life. I cook perhaps three or sometimes four dinners per week. The other days are pizza Fridays, popcorn/clean out the fridge Saturdays, and frozen casseroles from Costco. Tonight is quick and easy stir fry and rice 🙂

  2. I’m lucky – my DH does most of the cooking! 😉 I do cook if he’s going to be really late home, but otherwise, the kitchen’s all his!

    Congratulations on your progress on the dolphins and yay to working on Summer in Autumn next – can’t wait to see your progress pics 🙂

  3. Congrats on stitching so much on your Dolphins this rotation. I cannot wait to see your next rotation though – I LOVE Summer into Autumn! Yummy! That means I’ll be in for a treat each time I visit your blog!

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