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Oops, I’m a bit behind with last week’s question … just forgot about it … so here goes, before it’s time for the next one to arrive LOL.

Today’s “Stitching Blogger’s Question” was suggested by Dawn and is:

When comparing large projects versus small projects, which do you get more excited about finishing?

I’d have to say in this case it’s probably the larger pieces I’m the most ecstatic about overall, because there’s been a longer commitment to the stitching process … but then again, I still appreciate the joy of finishing a small piece as well. To be honest, the greatest joy overall this year has been in the completion of a UFO – just knowing that that old project has been released from a lifetime of UFO-dom and taken out of the UFO pile to see daylight once again, this time in the shape of a finished piece! Yup, that is definitely my greatest joy this year!!

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  1. An unrelated comment, here, AnneS, to let you know that the postman snuck your packet in this afternoon and I LOVE the color! Thank you so very much!! The stamps are very cool, too! 🙂

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