What a wonderful weekend…

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI have to say, the best thing I could ever have done this week was to take those few days off work … I feel as though I’ve been on holiday, and feel really refreshed and re-energised 🙂 No stitching done until this evening, when I finally put the final hours of the current rotation segment into the Dratted Dolphins – they’re actually showing some progress since the last time I looked, which is great. Next rotation segment is for ornaments/smalls, and not entirely sure what I’ll choose to fill the 10 hours stitching time, but I’m sure I’ll come up with something haha. This week should be good for stitching shift-wise – I have 2 x 10am-6pm, followed by 3 x 5am-1pm shifts … I usually find stitching is fantastic on 5am shifts, as it helps to keep me awake until 7pm when it’s time for bed 🙂

The reason I had no stitching done this weekend, is that I’ve had visitors staying with me all weekend – it’s been over a year since we’ve caught up with each other, so it was lovely to have their company. I can’t remember the last time I ate so much – admittedly, I blew approx 3 week’s food budget on the weekend’s food, but it was worth it. They had a function to go to on Friday night for a few hours, and got back here at about 8pm – we just opted to order in pizzas (which were divine!) and drank a few bottles of wine and caught up. Then on Saturday we had a cooked breakfast (Pete) and bagels with smoked salmon and cream cheese (us girls) … what a way to start the day – yummo – then we spent the rest of the afternoon at Chadstone shopping centre, as they’d never been there before, and the weather was a bit dicey for our beach picnic we’d originally planned. After that, we came home and ate our picnic of dips, olives, and other antipasto’s indoors, followed by a Thai beef red curry I’d made – blobbed out and watched National Treasure on DVD, and drank Feijoa vodka … it was heaven! The feijoa is a fruit in New Zealand, and has the most amazing aroma – the vodka has a very strong flavour of the fruit – boy, I miss it here in Aussie!

Today started off very lazily, with a cooked breakfast again, then we went to St Kilda and wandered around the open-air craft market, then round Luna Park for a while, finished off with an icecream from NZ Natural … Then my visitors headed off home, and I finished off with a short walk home along the beach front. Just before we headed off today, though, we reorganised my furniture … I was saying I wish I could move my recliner back into the dining area more, as I love the area by the balcony windows that overlooks the trees (to the right of where my computer sits), and where I sit and watch the birds flying overhead – so we’ve pushed the dining table and chairs up against the wall by the kitchen servery, and given me the whole space to move around in – it means I can move my recliner back during the day and sit in my favourite area, then if I want to I can move it back again at night to watch a DVD … so simple, I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it earlier!!

So tonight I sat watching Armageddon for the umpteenth time, stitching the Dratted’s, and purring like a contented kitten … life is good, today, that’s for sure!

9 thoughts on “What a wonderful weekend…”

  1. What a WONDERFUL weekend you’ve enjoyed. So glad to hear you’re feeling better and have had such a wonderful time with friends.

    Your dolphins are looking good, too!

  2. It sounds like the weekend was ‘just what the doctor ordered’ – good friends, good food and good conversations… One can ‘hear’ the change and relief in your words…

  3. Yay for Anne! So glad you had such a perfect weekend with good friends :)))

    Shift work can be such a pain, but looks like this week’s schedule isn’t too bad!

    Happy Stitching!

  4. What an absolute devine menu!!! I acyually found myself drooling!!!!

    I find that after having a mini break from stitching, that I am a bit more refreshed and actually start stitching with a better enthusiam(sp?).

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful time spent with your friends!!!


  5. And a great time was had by all. 🙂 You sound positively re-energized! I’m so glad; you deserved the time off and the fun company. Have a great week! (P.S. The dratteds are looking great!)

  6. Hi Anne, oh, you’ve just brought back lots of memories of my last holiday in Melbourne, especially Chadstone and St Kilda. I have several relatives living near Chadstone shopping mall and a cousin works there, so I’ve spent many a happy hour shopping there, lol.

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