2006 Stitching Goals

Thanks to Danielle and Gina, I’ve been mulling over what stitching goals I have for 2006 … to be honest, I’ve been thinking about it for a few weeks, mainly due to a group of SAL’s I’m joining up with, but it’s quite fun to actually put thoughts down on paper. Some items are things I’ve already started this year, and intend to just continue on with … so, here goes:

1) Finish a few WIP’s/UFO’s:

  • The Dratted Dolphins UFO (it’s pretty slow progress inbetween other stitching, so not sure how this will go next year – particularly as my time stitching on this will be impacted by my SAL’s … but it’s a goal – or perhaps a dream – none-the-less).
  • Nature’s Rest UFO
  • At least 2 other smaller UFO’s (undecided as yet, but probably my Hussif by Monica Hunt, and perhaps my cream button bag from a Guild weekend retreat when I was in NZ … no doubt these will change by the time I get to the stage of dragging them out of the box!)

2) Continue some just-started initiatives:

  • Keep going with my rotation – seems to be working out well so far, and I’m enjoying the mix of projects and seeing each one progress steadily.
  • Continue on The Wagon – no more stash purchases where possible, by using/substituting threads from my stash – if I don’t own the silks listed, and there are DMC substitutions, then DMC will be the thread of choice! The only thing I’m allowing myself is to continue with the FOTM with Country Stitch and Silkweaver even if just for a couple of months – my fabric has been steadily building up, which I really needed, due to the sales on recently, so I may find soon that I don’t need to buy much more fabric.

3) Participate in 2-3 exchanges with the SBEBB during the year, and also participate in the following SAL’s with the Stitching Smalls yahoo group (months may change, depending on how far we get along with the previous months stitching):

  • Jan – Apricot Elegance by Cindy Valentine
  • Feb – Secret Garden by Forget-Me-Nots-In-Stitches
  • Mar – Bunnies in the Garden by With My Needle
  • Apr – Folding Cross Needlebook by Indigo Rose
  • May – Lavender Thistle Collection by Twisted Oaks Designs
  • Jun – Strawberries So Faire by With My Needle
  • Aug – A December Box by Cherished Stitches

4) Try some new finishing techniques – in particular, an 8-cornered pillow (biscornu/tuffet) and a flat-fold finish. I also want to finish off two needlecases that are stitched, but ready to be finished, as well as making at least one more needleroll, fob and pincushion.

5) If I can find the time, I also want to stitch some new charts next year … although now I look at the SAL’s above, that might not be much of a reality hmmm. Anyway, the main two are L&L Angel of Love now I have the fabric, and Summer into Autumn by The Drawn Thread now I have the kit. I’d also love to stitch one project from my selection of Inspirations magazines, but again, that could be seriously wishful thinking.

Well, that’s it for me … I’m now going to print this off and put it in my diary for Nov 2006 to have a celebration … or giggle … at what’s been accomplished. If I get really keen, I might even try and work out how to get it into my sidebars – although I might wait until my new template is finished by Design-A-Blog.

9 thoughts on “2006 Stitching Goals”

  1. great goals for 2006 Anne- not that far off now is it, and I’m thinking of mine too, especially now since I’ve got back all the time that I used to spend on wedding planning, lol.

    thanks for the heads up too about Stitching Bits and Bobs, I’m heading over there right now!

  2. Great goals!!
    I’ve been doing well with monthly goals so far….I’m afraid a YEARLY goal list might get a bit overwhelming, though. I’ve always been a procrastinator, so I could see me putting everything off until November, then stressing and feeling bad because I didn’t get any of it done. So maybe I should stick to my little monthly lists!

  3. You have chosen some great designs for 2006, Anne! I’ll look forward to seeing the pics :)) Maybe I can think about next year’s stitching goals when I have Christmas behind me – until then, my brain is in overload.

    A new look for your blog, eh?? Can’t wait to see what you all come up with!!

  4. Way to go – you’ve definitely given this some thought. I think I will need to do the same. I’m also planning to do Apricot Elegance in January – can’t wait!

  5. Hi Anne, looking forward to seeing your new look! I’ve been considering the same thing. Might give it to myself as a Christmas pressie. After swearing in September not to buy anymore stash I have had a crazy time and I am resolving to join you on the wagon
    (at least till Christmas now!!)
    All the best.

  6. Hi! I LOVE your blog! I truly enjoyed looking at all your lovely work. I’m new at stitchingsmalls and saw the link to your blog in your post. I have to check them all out—don’t want to miss anything, lol. I’ve added it to my blogroll. Hope it’s OK with you. I want to visit yours when I can. Keep up the great work!

  7. Your goals sound pretty wonderful – can’t wait to watch your progresses 🙂 Want to stitch Winter in my Garden with me??

  8. I’m thinking of joining you in March with Bunnies in the Garden on the Smalls group. I enjoyed reading your goals list – I need to come up with a list of goals for next year too. I have a lot of plans in my head, and that is a scary place to keep them!

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