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Inspiration from Other Blogs

I have been truly inspired by a number of blogs over recent days – so many different discussions have brought memories of my own to the fore, and made me reminisce a bit … as well as inspiration to look ahead to the future, and appreciate the here and now 🙂

Barbara posted a piccie of her treasured cat, Dan, which triggered some wonderful memories of our beloved Rio – I swear he was more of a dog personality-wise than he was a cat! He followed you everywhere – and used to sit in the driveway waiting for you to drive up in your car … it doesn’t matter where he was at the time, he’d hear the sound of the car in the background, and be sitting there waiting. He’d also follow you up the long driveway when we checked the mail – and run a few steps in front, flop over onto his back and beg to have his tummy rubbed – then he’d jump up and repeat the process all the way up the drive. He’d more often than not sleep on my bed each night, much to my mother’s disgust … when I had my eyes lasered, and my tonsils out, each time he would lay either on top of me or really close, as though to give comfort in my time of need. When he finally passed away due to ill health, he visited me one last time – I know that sounds a bit weird, but I swear to this day it’s true … I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye, as Dad had taken him to the vet on his own, and it was comforting to have that visit. He still has a huge place in my heart to this day. Still love you, Rio!

Then Danielle set out her 2006 stitching goals – I started to think how interesting/fun it would be to plan ahead for the year, then at the end of 2006 look back and see how much of it was accomplished. I love making lists etc, so this really is right up my alley – and seeing as I already have some commitments for some SAL’s next year, I can start my goals already to a certain extent … so, I’m going to work on this over the next week, and see what I can come up with … watch this space! LOL.

Lastly, there have been a number of blogs showing their stitching spaces … I decided to jump on the bandwagon, so to speak, and show mine – although being in a small apartment-style place, you’ll just about get the whole place in a couple of photos 🙂 So, for better or worse, here they are:

Everything here is very compact – with my dining table that is usually home to my sewing machine to the right, my computer desk to the left, my stitching recliner to the right in the middle of the arch, with the TV etc right in front – perfect for stitching to my DVD’s. (Actually, maybe I should have taken the piccie AFTER finishing my cleaning up LOL.)
A closer piccie of my stitching station itself – along with my invaluable accessories, my floorstand and my Ott-Lite! All the blue folders in the bookcase (out of shot) hold charts (although the bulk of my charts are still in NZ at my parents house – they take up almost an entire bookcase in their own right – yikes!!). And my Inspirations etc magazines are in separate holders in the spare bedroom. Then we have my fabrics (now separated into 28ct and 32ct) in the turquoise tubs, with my bead collection in the bottom one, and a box holding my kits on the top. And last, but not least, my specialty fibre/tapestry wool etc tubs and Kreinik metallics, Mill Hill beads, quilting fabrics, polyfill etc.
And that’s me all done and dusted!!
Now I’m off to get some sleep before a full weekend ahead – no stitching done today unfortunately, as I’ve been busy doing housework (at least my guests have a bed they can actually get into now!), then I had a surprise visit from two gal pals from work, which was wonderful … they’ve been talking about popping round since I first moved in, but finally managed to do it tonight on their way to basketball – it was lovely company for almost 2 hours … I don’t mind missing stitching for that 😉 And my other friends are arriving around lunchtime tomorrow, and not leaving until later on Sunday, so no stitching planned for the next couple of days either – at least no housework needed next week now, so I’ll have no excuse then! LOL. Have a great weekend everyone – thanks again for all your comments … they’re always gratefully received :))

4 thoughts on “Inspiration from Other Blogs”

  1. Good morning Anne! Your stitching space is very pleasant, compact, and organized! Reading stitchers’ blogs has inspired me in so many ways too – giving my craft area an overhaul as well as getting more stitching done. :)))
    Thanks for leaving comments on my blog 🙂 It’s been a delight getting to know you! Have a wonderful weekend with your friends – enjoy your spring weather too (we’ll be raking leaves, lol!). Von

  2. Love how organized your stitching stuff is! Thanks for sharing the pic of Rio. After reading about him and Barbara’s post about Dan, I’m really missing my kitty too!

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