What a beautiful day in Melbourne

The weather today is stunning – beautiful blue skies, warm temperatures, and only a gentle breeze … it feels good to be alive today 🙂 I do feel very positive today. Only spent a couple of minutes talking to friends last night about the work situation – felt good to get it off my chest. The reason I’ve been taking it hard is that I used to be a Supervisor in the Auckland office for the same airline. When I moved to Melbourne, I had to resign and apply again, and accepted going back on the phones as a ‘normal’ consultant again – after 2 1/2 years, I’ve hit the wall as I just get so incredibly bored/braindead – the Hotline role is more a troubleshooting/coaching/challenging role. I received a ‘stock standard’ letter saying literally the person who got the job had more qualifications and experience (I wasn’t the only person angry about that!), and on top of that I was told about not getting the secondment in the middle of the office at my desk yesterday … very unprofessional. It’s just very hard at times being ‘back at the start’ again, when I’ve already done the same job plus a lot more – I worked hard to get there in the first place, and it’s frustrating being back at the start again – even though they know my history, I sometimes still feel like the ‘new kid on the block’ in the pecking order. BUT, the good thing about being away from work, is that I’m chilling out about it again … I love working for the company on the whole, and I love the industry – I just have to grin and bear it, and bide my time … and I really do feel OK about it all today :))

OK, that’s the last I’ll mention it – time to move on. One of my friends last night has just split up with her boyfriend of 5 months, and it was quite nice to have something ‘different’ to focus on. It was so nice to have a girlie night out for a few hours – very soothing for the soul 🙂 Gal pals are great!!

Before I forget – an answer to a couple of comments …
Nicola – I’m up for a rousing rendition of Ten Guitars if you are – that really IS a Kiwi tradition, isn’t it? haha.
Carol – you’re wonderful … never thought of the Dark Tan linen for Angel of Love – I grabbed my chart out double quick when I read your comment and I think you could be right! It would be so lovely to get this stitched, seeing as I have most of the beads already 🙂 I wonder if I could squeeze yet another space into my rotation to fit her in … LOL. Actually, a beaded piece could be a nice break from the other big stitching – yeah, OK, I can find a valid excuse in anything! LOL.

Well today I’m looking longingly at the dratted’s, but I’m not allowed to touch it until I’ve done my housework … friends from Geelong are coming to stay for the weekend, arriving tomorrow lunchtime, and staying in the spare bedroom – which currently has the bed etc piled high with unpacking that I never finished … so, I’ve got a lot to do today hmmm. Oh well, it needed to be done anyway – I’ve just always found an excuse not to do it … I’d usually prefer to be stitching haha.

I received my FOTM from Silkweaver yesterday – yuk, is all I’ll say … I’m so used to their beautiful hand-dyed fabrics, I was very disappointed with my selection – very very drab. Mind you, they’ll be easily used in projects because of their neutrality, I guess. I think I chose the wrong fabric selection, so I went online and changed it last night to the Expressions one instead. This FOTM and another one from Country Stitch are the only spending I’m doing now – fabric is the one thing I don’t have much of, so I figure this’ll help, even if I just do it for a couple of months then pull out. Anyway, we’ll see what fabbies arrive into the new year, then I’ll make that decision. The fabrics I got this time are:

  • Ghostly Grey 28ct cashel linen (13″x18″)
  • Maritime 32ct Lakeside Vintage linen (13″x18″)
  • River Willow 28ct Lakeside Vintage linen (9″x13″)

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  1. What’s going on with Silkweaver lately??? I got my FOTM and though I’m not disappointed, it certainly isn’t anything to write home about. And don’t even get me started on the Halloween bag contents!

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