Mental health day

Well, yesterday I got more bad news at work, that I didn’t get one of the upcoming 2-month secondments to the Hotline, and after feeling so incredibly positive about feeling more like myself over the last few days, I decided “Bugger you!” and opted to remove myself from the negativity and the office environment and take 3 days annual leave before I did or said something I might later regret … mutter mutter mutter. Anyway, enough said on that.

So, I blobbed out with Tomb Raider on DVD (first time viewing), and started stitching at 10.45pm, finishing at 2.15am … oops – but it sure got the anger out of my system. It also means I’m now nearing the end of the current rotation segment for those “Dratted Dolphins”, as they’re now officially termed in my eyes. Doesn’t seem to be showing much progress, but there’s still 2 1/2 hours to go, then I’ll compare with the last piccie and hopefully see the difference.

I also thought the day was exceptional here in Melbourne today weather-wise, and it would be a waste not to get my fat bum into gear, and get out there and do an hour’s walking round the bay … boy, oh boy, was I wrong!! It’s absolutely blue skies and scorching where I am – but the closer I got to the bay, the clouds were a bit in the background, and the wind was quite a bit stronger – well, in just the short time of 1/2 hour it felt like gail force winds coming in, which caused me a few difficulties staying stood up straight, along with the sand-blasting coming off the beach. But under all that the heat was tremendous … I’m sitting here in a big puddle of sweat – sorry, not a very delightful picture! I feel absolutely exhausted, but still glad I got moving and did it … it’s nice to just get out and get the fresh air. There’s a canal just a few metres away from my flat, which has got a park bench a short walk away – I’m thinking of taking some portable stitching when I can and just sit there for 1/2 hour in the fresh air and sunshine – ah, bliss!

Anyway, I thought I’d just touch base very quickly before I jump in the shower and head out the door. Catching up with friends from work today who are very sympathetic to my situation, and very supportive, so it will do me good to get my moans off my chest … aside from that, I’m looking forward to just catching up with ‘gal pals’, something it’s take me a long time to find since moving here – and this get-together has taken 3 months to finally pull together, seeing as two of us work shift work, so it’s hard to match up shifts – then tomorrow I will finally finish my rotation stitching on the Dratted’s, and start stitching a needlework ‘small’ – yippee … can’t wait! I’m really itching to start something little again 🙂

6 thoughts on “Mental health day”

  1. The dolphins are looking good Anne! Sometimes the only good thing about work is taking a few days off. :o) Have a relaxing time!

  2. Smart idea to take some time off and blow off some steam. I hope that you’ll be back to your positive self soon.

    BTW, I think you’re making great progress on the dolphins!

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