Ornie semi-finishes

Well, I managed to eat something today, which is a bonus after 3 days of not eating much at all – had a lazy day of stitching and listening to most of a talking book (The Poet by Michael Connelly – a serial killer novel … nope, no girlie books for me today!). Managed to almost finish another two ornaments – just have to buy a charm/treasure for each, then I’ll have to work out how to actually finish them off. I’ll post a piccie of the finished ones later – just don’t hold your breath haha. They’re both from the 1998 JCS Ornament issue – the first one is called “Christmas Memory Tree” by Ursula Michaels Designs, and the second one is “Woodland Noel” by Heart in Hand Needleart.

8 thoughts on “Ornie semi-finishes”

  1. Your ornaments all look great, Anne! Can’t wait for you to get in the charms and buttons; please make sure you post again when you get them added. 🙂

    I hope you’re feeling better! Those migraines are nasty, nasty little buggers, so I hope it’s gone by now.


  2. Great Ornaments. 1998 was a nice issue. Both of these look better than pictured in the magazine. Great job – your tree is going to be spectacular

  3. Love your ornaments Anne! I’m reading a Michael Connelly at the moment too – Lost Light. I’ve not read The Poet, but I’ve read the sequel, The Narrows (didn’t realise until it was too late that I was reading them out of sequence). I enjoy his books a lot 🙂

  4. You are doing some great stitching Anne…I have never thought about listening books while I stitch…although, I would have to find them in English over here….listening to German would require too much concentration!

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