Thanks for your kind words…

It’s been lovely receiving such supportive comments from everyone about not getting the job … I feel fine about it overall. To be honest, the normal phone roster is better than the Hotline one, as you get days off more often – and I’ll still be getting relief work doing the same job I applied for … as long as I’m still relieving it gives me the mental challenge I need, so I don’t get braindead.

Well, I finally managed to pick up a needle today, and put the final stitches into my No Humbugs Allowed ornament … all I need now are the buttons from Just Another Button Company, and it’s all set to be made up. The buttons are coming from the US, and probably a couple of weeks away from being posted, but at least I should get this finished before Christmas. It will be nice to have my very first ornament made in time for my very first Christmas in my ‘own’ place – and the first time I’ve had Christmas with a family member since I moved to Aussie, with Mum coming for a visit yippee. Anyway, here’s the piccie. OK, now what else can I stitch today? Maybe I should bite the bullet and start my rotation … back to the dratted Dolphins ;-P

4 thoughts on “Thanks for your kind words…”

  1. Looks great Anne….hope that Migrane is gone completely now…I had one last week too….and no stitching or computer for me! But back today stitchign a storm!! 🙂

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