Rotation and “You Have Mail”

A bit of a happy dance of a different sort today – the first two parcels of my latest S.E.X. episode has arrived (it’s OK Mum, it’s not some orgy or anything – it stands for Stash Enhancement eXperience!) … I haven’t bought myself anything for stitching for a very long time, and I have to admit to going a bit mad over the last few weeks – I am about to go officially ‘on the wagon’, as I think I’m close to being the S.A.B.L.E. queen! (Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy). Anyway, I finally took myself off to the doctor today (half hour drive away, so hadn’t managed it before today) and came home with some Nurofen Migraine tablets … fingers crossed this will help, as I’ve now had my headache for almost 6 whole days! My blood pressure is also nicely normal – looks like my moving out of the last living situation has certainly helped on the health front, anyway … and I have to keep a track of what I’m eating that may be triggering the ‘gall pains’ I’ve been experiencing of late. I originally thought it must be the mince (even though it’s premium/lean mince) – but it may be the chilli giving me the pains, as I had a reaction to a chilli/parmesan/cashew nut spread Mum and I love … please say it’s not so – I love chilli in food … Anyway, time will tell – I have to do some experimenting with my foods so we can try and narrow it down.

Anyway, enough of that rubbish – back to S.E.X. … While I was at the doctor’s, I popped in to check my PO Box – and lo and behold there were two parcels in there … firstly from my Ebay win of some fabrics – 28ct Jubilee in Lavender, 28ct Cashel linen in Lilac and Taupe, 32ct Belfast linen in Natural, 28ct linen in Coffee Bean, 32ct Jobelan in Parchment, and a pretty 25ct Lugana in Delicate Teal – only one I’m not keen on is the Coffee Bean, but I’m sure I’ll find a use for it somehow …

The second parcel was my order from Criss Cross Row (very friendly and efficient service, too, I might add! – very impressed!!). The contents were an Acorn Needle Book kit by Periwinkle Promises (just follow the link – it’s at the bottom of the page), a December Box chart by Cherished Stitches, and A Secret Garden Needlework Necessary by Forget-Me-Not-In-Stitches … the Secret Garden piece is going to be a Stitch-Along with a group of gals in the Stitching Smalls Yahoo group I belong to – really, really looking forward to this one, but I have to cool my heels until early in the New Year until this SAL starts up … at least I have time to get my threads/fabric together and get it kitted up all ready to start. Still got a couple of orders coming in yet – again ready for a couple more SAL’s … but mainly just ‘cos I felt like treating myself! Mum you can lecture me later haha. I figure I don’t go out much, so stitching is my only vice …

And, yesterday I managed to actually get a fair amount done – I finished The Poet talking book, and managed to get another one almost finished – Shallow Graves by Jeffery Deaver … have to say, I’m pretty disappointed with this one. I love Jeffery Deaver’s books that are based on the character of Lincoln Rymes – but this one is based on a different character in the movie industry … it’s just not the same! Oh well, at least I know not to bother getting the other book in the library, as it’s the same series. I have to say, KarenV, I was wondering about The Poet – at the end it didn’t seem to ‘end’ on a 100% definite note … I wondered if there would be a sequel to it – and you’ve confirmed my suspicions – yippee, will have to get that one out now too! I love talking books – lets me fill both my passions at once, that of reading and stitching.

Anyway, here’s my latest rotation piece – those dratted Dolphins … I’m surprised how much stitching I managed to cram into 10 hours, and it’s starting to fill out nicely – I may even get it finished by 2007 haha.

7 thoughts on “Rotation and “You Have Mail””

  1. What a wonderful assortment of stash fabrics you recieved! I think the coffee bean is lovely – I’m sure you’ll find a good use for it!

    Hope the pills cure the headache woes!

  2. Nice fabric haul there, Anne! I love fabric and have been doing a bit of damage in that area myself lately 🙂

    Thanks for leaving a comment at my blog too – haven’t updated it in a couple of days though!

  3. Nice S.E.X.! The dolphins are really looking nice. And I really hope that the migraine pills work for you. You have to break that cycle or you’ll have even more trouble. You poor thing! I hope you’re better soon. *hug*

  4. Hope the new meds help your headaches, Anne! How exciting to get packages in the mail! I get as excited as my 8yo DD!! :))))

  5. I find that when I don’t drink enough water, I’ll get a head ache. Just a suggestion. Also, your work in wonderful.
    I have to remind myself to get up and move around a little every hour. barbara, Huntington Beach.

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