Christmas ornie SAL

Well, today is the day I officially start my Christmas ornament SAL – first time I’ve ever attempted to do an ornie, and looking forward to the challenge. I was originally going to stitch the MH stand-up Xmas tree, but realised I don’t have enough thread to finish it, so I may wait to start that one next month, and try a little ornament this week instead. I had to run out and buy a little MH ornament kit, ‘cos my ornie mags haven’t arrived yet … well, I couldn’t not start ‘something’ could I? That’s my excuse for another enabling trip – also checking out threads for my overseas exchange for the 2005 ornie issue.

Thanks for your comments on my basket of pincushions – I have to admit, I’ve wanted a display basket for ages … just didn’t have the impetus to finally finish the contents. It’s true, I am really glad I finally made the effort to get them completed – and I’m not going to let myself put off finishing that long again … in fact on Friday I have the remaining couple to finish off – and it’s my day off again, so there’s no excuse haha.

Gina e, if I still have the peacock chart, you’re more than welcome to it. I have to admit, that pincushion is my favourite one too – and the very first one I ever made. It was a small kit, but from the memory the chart showed the DMC thread numbers. Anyway, if I did still keep it, it’ll be in NZ still – but I’ll ask Mum to track it down among my folders (yeah, Mum, yet another thing for you to bring back with you when you visit haha). Sometimes lately, if it’s a freebie chart or something, I’ve been throwing it out after stitching it (shock, horror, I know!) – but I’m pretty sure I kept this one.

Sharlee, the hummingbird one was a Just Nan freebie chart – I’m trying to remember how I got that one … it might have been among a pile of freebie charts when I went to a XS festival in the States, in which case I got 3 sets with the classes I attended – otherwise it was just one I got given free with buying something else. I know in this case I definitely threw my chart out that I was stitching from – again, I’ll get Mum to try and hunt through my things at ‘home’, as I seem to remember those freebie charts were in a folder of finishing techniques from a class with Martha Beth Lewis, and I wouldn’t mind having those notes over here to learn from.

Anneke, you’re more than welcome to use my pincushion basket piccie on your blog. Thanks for asking .

My shifts this week allow me to have Fri/Sat off, which will be a nice change, as I’ve been working the last four weekends – although I’ve put my name down for overtime … have to be mad! Mind you, if it comes through, it’ll only be for 4 hours work, and I still have the rest of the day free. Overtime is pretty much non-existent at the moment, so any opportunity is fantastic – and now I’m living on my own my expenses have essentially tripled, so the extra few dollars is nice in the bank … and allows me a bit of personal spending (ie, stitching stash haha).

Hopefully today will see a lot of the people returned from Bali – Qantas put on extra planes just to get people back, which is really positive. I also realised when I got to work yesterday, ‘cos I hadn’t seen her before she flew out, that one of my best mates at work flew out on Thursday for Bali, so she’s one of the ones flying home early. Luckily she wasn’t in the area when the bombs hit, but still prefers to come back home – and who can blame them?

Well, today is a relatively overcast day in Melbourne – although the sun keeps trying to get through. I’m going to spend an hour stitching on my little ornament, which probably won’t make much of a dent, then have a bit of a walk before heading out to work. I have an exam at 9pm tonight (!!!) for a job application I’ve made. Usually I’m a ‘normal’ consultant for the airline call centre, but I act as a ‘reliever’ on the Supervisors Hotline – this is basically a help desk for the consultants to call when they get stuck, need technical help with the computer, help quoting fares/reissuing tickets, and just basically finding everything/answering all and sundry questions, we’re also the hotline for the airports etc worldwide when they need help, and also act as a ‘supervisor’ when complaint calls escalate to “I want to speak to a supervisor’ … it’s pretty full-on, and can be draining, but I generally love it. I love the coaching aspects of dealing with the staff, but dislike the complaints side (as I’m sure most people would) … but there has finally been a vacancy come free for a permanent Hotliner, and along with the 20-odd others, I’m applying. Even if I don’t get it, it’s all good experience … but I have to pass the exam first to even get through the interview stage. I think 9pm is a bit harsh for a difficult exam, but at least it’ll all be over today …

Rightio, off to stitch my ornie …

5 thoughts on “Christmas ornie SAL”

  1. Your pin cushions display really well… Something else to make your new abode your own…It is a nice feeling to open the front door and feel you are ‘home’ especially when you see the products of your labour – those extra special bits that make a house a home… Good luck with your exam…

  2. Hope your exam went well!! I love your little basket of pincushions. I’d love to do something like that but I’d have to work out a way of stopping my cat thinking it was a basket of toys to play with!

  3. Hi Anne,
    Your pincushion basket is great!! I am inspired to start stitching some myself!!! Can I ask–if you find the peacock chart that Gina asked about–can you let me know the name and the designer? I wonder if I can track one down over here??? That is one of my favorites–though they are all lovely!

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