The best laid plans of mice and men…

… Isn’t that what John Steinbeck wrote? Well, it’s certainly true – the last time I posted (hanging head in shame) was a couple of days ago … I was supposed to be heading off for a walk then stitching for an hour etc – hmmm, didn’t quite happen that way, and haven’t picked up a needle for days! I ended up chatting to my Mum in NZ for almost an hour on the phone, then walked bare-footed through doorway from the lounge only to stop mid-step with a sharp pain in my heel. Lo and behold, a carpet tack had gone into my foot … luckily it didn’t disappear entirely, as the top of the tack wasn’t on it, otherwise it would have totally disappeared … thank goodness there was about 2mm of tack left showing so I could pull it out – definitely not for the faint-hearted, let me tell you!!! That definitely put any walking plans out the window, but thankfully I cleaned it up pretty well and it seems to be healing without any problems.

It’s now my Friday night, and I fully intend being a bone idle so-and-so and doing no housework tomorrow on my only full day off, so I can catch up on some overdue stitching. I was supposed to start my Christmas ornament SAL this week, but haven’t done a single stitch in one. This is the first time I’ve ever attempted an ornament of any type, so it will be an interesting endeavour!

The great news, though, is that the postman is in my good books – he managed to deliver not just one, but TWO JCS ornie books this week … my old 1998 one that Mum sent over for me, and the 2005 issue that Linda sent to me as an exchange (thanks to you both) – so I’ve spent the last two days drooling over both, and wondering which one to start first! I’ll try and choose a relatively easy one so I can try and finish it in one day (yeah, OK, ambitious I know!). I’ve already found one that I just HAVE to stitch for my Aussie best mates’ parents … his Dad hates Christmas, but his Mum adores it – I just call his Dad “Bah Humbug” throughout the month of December, and this ornament from the 1998 issue is an ornament stating clearly “No Humbugs Allowed” hahahaha – he’ll kill me, but it just HAS to be done!!!

Now, before I forget, thanks again to everyone for your comments on my pincushions. Danielle, I can tell you straightaway what the peacock design is, as I’ve got all the details in my printed album – it’s called “Peacock Pincushion” (K1804) – V&A Museum Oriental Collection Kit by DMC. I originally started stitching it back in October 2000, but hopefully it’s still in print.

The exam I had for the promotion was pretty tough, and I didn’t manage to finish all the questions, which is standard – it didn’t help that our group had to sit it at 9pm, but them’s the breaks. I’ll probably find out next week some time whether I got through to the interview stage.

Rightio, off to get my clothes washing done so I can have my free day tomorrow 🙂 Might even get a head start tonight …

3 thoughts on “The best laid plans of mice and men…”

  1. I’ve always liked that ornie too. I even went so far as to order the little lightbulbs… may be this year I’ll get to it.

  2. Hi Anne — I haven’t had much stitching accomplished either. Oh well. There is always tomorrow ; )

    I like the 1998 orn magazine. I enjoyed making the M.Garry orn. I did change the deer to gold – and it was pretty when completed.

  3. Hello Miss Anne 🙂
    I didn’t make it over here for the pin cushion post, but I went and had a looksee and WOWZER, those are all VERY nice! You go girl! Very lovely display!!!

    Enjoy your mags 🙂

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