Basket full of goodies

Here’s my current basketful of pincushions – sorry, meant to post this before … OK, running out the door now! 🙂

9 thoughts on “Basket full of goodies”

  1. They are lovely aren’t they gina e… I knew you would like the peacock. The stitching is just lovely A – you must be very pleased with yourself… I like the butterfly as well… I still think the hummingbird is my favorite… But then again…:-)

  2. Hi Anne, I love the look of these pincushions together. They’re adorable. Are you keeping them all for yourselves? You should, it would be sad to seperate them…
    Can I put this picture on my blog one day? I just love it: it will inspire other people to stitch: it’s just the right size to start something.

  3. How beautiful your display! All are lovely; however, the thistles & butterfly/flower catch my eye. ooh. will have to try something like this.

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