Another working day over

Glad to say only 3 more working days to go for my working week, until next weekend … I don’t know what it is about this last week, but customers are totally irrational, irritable and downright loopy! Boy, oh boy, I can’t wait until this current cycle of crankiness is over and done with!! Full moon usually makes a difference, but this is crazy. Yet again, a good excuse to come home and stitch a bit more – any excuse is a good one haha.

I had a thought late last night regarding my ‘oldest’ UFO I stitched on yesterday … there is quite a bit of yellowish staining on the fabric and stitching on this piece. Unfortunately it’s discolouring the stitching on the top 1/4, along with fabric that won’t be entirely covered with stitching – I’ve decided to put a small halt on the stitching front where this is concerned. I’ve opted instead to chuck it in the Orvus, and give its face a bit of a wash, to see of the stains are moveable – I figure if they’re permanent, there’s no point continuing and it’ll either be trimmed down as an ornament or something (‘cos the deer is still quite cute), or just go straight in the bin. Anyway, fingers crossed it will come out in the wash, but if not that means I’ll have a free space in my rotation – I’m sure I’ll be able to find something to fill its place hahaha.

Mum has managed to find my old JCS Ornament issues (VERY old 1997 and 1998 issues), so she’s going to post one of them over to me to try stitching at least one ornament this year. Still waiting for the 2005 one to hit the newsagents here, as I haven’t seen it in the shops in Melbourne yet … either that, or they’ve sold out already!! Yikes, I hope not!!!

So, a very quiet night at home tonight – will try to get about an hour’s stitching done, but need a very early night. Unfortunately the after parties from the AFL grand final last night kept me from having a sound sleep, and feeling a bit under-par tonight. Oh well, I should get at least one threads worth of stitching done, if nothing else – it’s one step closer to something getting finished 🙂

2 thoughts on “Another working day over”

  1. Things are a bit quieter over here in Perth as you can imagine!
    Lucky you getting the JCS mags – funnily enough I have them too – those were the days when I haunted the newsagent for anything to stitch. There are some great ornaments to stitch in them – enjoy.

  2. Are you in retail? I am and I know exactly what you mean… Some days one seems to have them ALL!!!! I am in Melbourne to – eastern suburbs…

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